Your Questions About Treatment For Skin Cancer On Face

Sandra asks…

Laser removal or cut with a knife and stitch? Basal Cell Carcinoma on face? Which should I choose?

I visited a dermatologist for the first time due to concern on my face and as suspected, it’s skin cancer. He didn’t explain any treatment options but only told me he would do minor surgery to remove it and he drew a diagram of how the slices would go and where the scar might end up. Why do you suppose he didn’t offer any other method of treatment? I am thinking he gets more $$ from the insurance company for surgery vs. cream or laser removal. I will call tomorrow to his office and ask why I wasn’t notified of other available options. But I still wanted your input. Thanks!

AnswerBot answers:

My girlfriend has it but i don’t remember her having either of those methods….ask the dr. And also look on the web for options..i think it can be frozen also…wish i could help glad you got checked…

Laura asks…

Can you describe light as flowing? More details.?

My doctor described light as flowing. The situation was if you were exposed to a light source on top of your head, would it “flow” to your face if the angle was not direct?
Thanks- (it has to do with a skin cancer treatment and exposure to blue wavelength light} It was a skin cancer treatment. Sorry for all these details. The skin cancer treatment is for “pre-cancers” on my face. I have already had numerous surgeries for skin cancer and want to avoid anymore. It was developed by Dusa Pharmaceuticals. It involves a light sensitive (photosensitizer that makes reactive oxygen when exposed to certain wavelengths of light) chemical called levulan (Kerastik) being applied to your face and then an incubation time of 90 minutes. Then you are exposed for 17 minutes to a “BLU” light source. The company equipment (patented) shows a “BLU” light source about 14 inches in height shaped like a U. All the pictures show that during treatment this U shaped source is placed directly in front of your face. What I understand is that a light source can only travel a certain distance. This dermatology office had the light source position above my head with the ends near my ears, not directly facing my face. When I questioned the nurse practioner who did the procedure she said “the light will still flow to the front of your face“. I am skeptical.

AnswerBot answers:

The light being emitted by the lightsource will come out in all directions (from your description it isn’t a laser so this seems to be true), so as long as there is an unobstructed path from the source to your face it will be being radiated to all of it. Also, from pictures of these things, it looks as if the back is reflective so that the light will have an even better chance of being reflected to your face.

From a physics side, you can describe light as a wave, but this has no real effect for the scale you are considering as the diffraction of the light around your face is practically none existent.

So yes light can be described as ‘flowing’ (sort of, depends what you actually mean by that), and to me it seems as though the set up would work.

Hope that helps.

Daniel asks…

Ahh . . . i hate my skin! Acne is everywhere!!?

okay, i have acne on my face, but i get under the skin pimples all the time (nodules), i have horrible bacne and i have a condition on my arms called chicken skin! please help. I need a small cure or treatment for each one please, and no i don’t have leprosy or skin cancer. these are individual problems.

AnswerBot answers:

I suggest you stay well away from the drugs and try natural treatements.
Caucasian Kefir a natural, God given, pro-biotic to fix skin problems and many many more ailments For very detailed information visit You could call it natures Roaccutine. A testimonial I’d also visit this persons youtube videos on acne In my humble opinion Kefir is the best though. Make sure you look for the authentic Caucasian Kefir culture grain, which multiply in milk, for best results, and not the commercial “Kefir” which don’t multiply because they have been manipulated . From Barry Hilton who has been using Kefir for many years. Acne and Excema Treatment: Drink half a litre daily; moreover, rub some (36/48 hrs fermentated Kefir Cultured Milk) into the affected areas. LEAVE CRUST (which forms) dry and do not remove at night. Clean off the following morning. Even some cases of severe excema heals after 4 days and you will be amazed how quickly it will treat Acne. (18/24 hrs fermented Kefir Culture Milk).

If you can’t get your Kefir right away try this: Some people have had success with this combo, they mix some Baking Soda with a little water to make it flow and rub it gently over the affected area, they leave it on for about 3 minutes (some people leave it on up to an hour) before they wash it off with water. Then they get one tablespoon of Apple cider vinegar in half a glass of water and rub that over the affected area with a cotton bud, then they finish by applying some Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Jenny asks…

Would you expand your business under these circumstances?

You want to start a business mowing lawns. Here are some regulations that you must adhere to:
NO gasoline powered equipment – emissions are unhealthy
NO machine with a blade turning more than “X” rpm – danger of cutting oneself badly.
Pickup and properly dispose of any cuttings smaller than “x” mm / inches – because those small pieces cause hayfever.
During periods when the temperature is going to be above 80 degrees, you must wear SPF 50 or higher on your face, and neck unless it is covered by opaque clothing. – the government doesn’t want to pay for future skin cancer treatments.
Register and pay personal property taxes in your city/twp/ village, county/parish and state/commonwealth for every piece of equipment that you use.

These rules may seem a bit extreme but that is very much what life looks like to businesses, entrepeneurs and job creaters who consider expanding or starting their business.

Who would take a risk and invest in equipment, employees, marketing and the lot under such burdensome regulations?

AnswerBot answers:

No mater how clearly you state it – dimwit Libs will never understand the connection between economic decline & idiotic regulations.

Comming soon – Laws to protect the ugly.

Carol asks…

How can I get rid of facial moles?

I have spots on my face. I guess they could be considered freckles, but they are dark and I hate them. I feel like I always have to cover them with my hair. They are also flat and are for sure not skin cancer, so how do I get rid of them? I have heard that you can get spot removal treatments but I’m not sure if that is in Canada or not. Plus I’d rather not get this big surgery or something done. Help me please!

AnswerBot answers:

Facial moles are generally in a sensitive area to consider skin mole removal. The last thing we want to do is worsen the problem by leaving behind scars that sometimes surgery and clinical procedures provide.

There are natural remedies that have certainly worked with cases like yours on the chest or back. I know they can work with facial mole removal. I’m not sure about the quantity you have and how large they are, however. You may want to look into natural remedies based on your specific mole/freckle time. Sometimes its as simple as applying castor oil, garlic paste, or apple cider vinegar to the affected area for a certain amount of time. Look into it :-)

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Your Questions About Treatment For Skin Cancer On Face
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