Your Questions About Skinny Cow

Thomas asks…

Does anyone eat the icre cream called skinny cow? I will give the first person 10 points for answering.?

Hi, if anyone has a tub of skinny cow ice cream can you please type in the barcode. The first person to do so will get 10points.
When i wrote the person who answers i meant the first person who gave the barcode. I want the barcode for a dicount on ASOS. so i anyone one can help me, i will give the first person 10 points.

AnswerBot answers:

Here you go Princess.
Just finished off my tub of ‘triple chocolate’

Bar code :5 010238 296828

Ta Da !!!!!!!

Helen asks…

Is it ok to have a skinny cow tonight?

I ran on the treadmill this morning and burned 500 calories and then I ate these things.
Breakfast: quarter cup of plain oatmeal
Snack: half cup of Kashi fiber cereal (ate throughout the day)
Lunch: Turkey Wrap made with a Carb Balance Tortilla, Low fat provolone cheese, some lettuce, and some deli turkey.
Dinner: Not sure yet, but something very light. After that can I have a skinny cow ice cream??
I am 90 pounds and 5’4 and 14

AnswerBot answers:

I think you are doing good on your diet and exercising. Not only is it ok for you to have a skinny cow ice cream it would be a good thing. Part of a healthy diet and lifestyle is not depriving yourself. You can enjoy stuff, and still be very healthy. Im not saying you should splurge all the time, but every once in a while is ok.

Another thing to think about is instead of enjoying a skinny cow ice cream at dinner enjoy it at lunch. That way your body will have more time to burn calories the calories throughout the day. Things you eat at night tend to stay on your body more because when you go to sleep your body is in resting mode.

Mary asks…

Does Meijer carry Skinny Cow Skinny Dippers?

The brand Skinny Cow
has these bars called Skinny Dippers, an I want them
Do you know if the store Meijer holds them?

AnswerBot answers:

Sorry but Nope they don’t…


Ken asks…

Do Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches and bars contain artificial sweeteners?

I’ve heard that Skinny Cow ice cream products are absolutely delicious and comparatively low-cal. I know that Healthy Choice ice cream bars contain sugar substitutes. Do Skinny Cow products also contain these?

AnswerBot answers:

They contain low amounts of sugar, but some varieties do contain the artificial sweetener, Splenda. Those are labled on the box as “No sugar added”. These are considered low points on the weight watchers system, because they are low in fat, and somewhat high in fiber, which some people say counteracts fat. They are also trans fat free. And Delicious!

Ruth asks…

Where can I find The Skinny Cow: Ice Cream brand?

Im looking for The Skinny Cow ice cream brands their suppose to be really yummy and healthy version of ice cream lol anyways i was wondering if anyone knows if they would be available or seen here in Wellington?? cheers.
Answerer #2: where is waitrose located it at if you could please tell me thanks :)
thanks for all answers but im talking about stores located within Wellington – New Zealand.. lol anyway thanks again!

AnswerBot answers:

I’ve seen them in WalMart and your regular grocery store like A&P, Stop&Shop. And yes, they’re very yummy, love the cookies & cream ice cream sandwich!!

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Your Questions About Skinny Cow
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