Your Questions About Apple Cider Vinegar Skin Lightening

Joseph asks…

will extra virgin olive oil and apple cider vinegar whiten skin?

i saw a question on yahoo answers saying how to lighten skin, and one answer said extra virgen and apple cider vinegar. if so, how long till i get good results?

AnswerBot answers:

I think this is what Michael Jackson used.
Contact him.

Charles asks…

what are the most powerful natural skin lightening ingredients?

at the moment i am using a mix of lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, potato juice and cucumber juice (though i dont know if i used the right kind of cucumber). i have used it for about a week now and dont seem to be getting any results. and i have been applying sunblock once a day.

i am about to use some almond oil too.

mainly i want to know what the best combo is of skin lightening ingredients and whats the moist powerful. thanks.

i dont want to hear anything like “be happy with your skin tone” etc lol

i just want to get rid of this damned tan!

AnswerBot answers:

Are you just getting rid of a tan, or trying to lighten your natural skin color? For a tan, use exfoliating wash, like little beads to scrub away the dead skin, which is what a tan is made of. Wear a LOT of sunscreen and try to avoid the sun. To lighten skin use lemon and lime, they both work to make skin a bit lighter but you should try some products, because the skin lightening products really aren’t that bad for you they are very popular in Asia.

Ken asks…

What’s Your Skin Care Routine?

My is:
wash face w/ proactiv
wash face w/ baking soda
tone face w/ apple cider vinegar
rinse it off
put on repairing lotion
put on skin lightening lotion
i got this routine off a website, do u think it will work?

AnswerBot answers:

I take:

A pill or two of antibiotics in the morning.
Wash my face with water or exfoliating stuff.

If my face gets glowy from sweat and/or grease then I might wash it during the day with just a splash of water.

A pill (or two, depending how many I took in the morning) of antibiotics.
Face wash with water and/or exfoliating stuff.

Works great for me, wont get rid of everything of course but I look 1000% better than earlier! :D

Just remember that the most complex isnt necessarily the best, this simple routine works for me (every person is different of course, one plan might not wok for everyone). And dont wash your face more than twice a day, although just a quick splash of water during the day wont hurt you.

I’m not sure about the baking soda. I’ve heard that its good as it dries the skin but you gotta remember to moisturize your skin enough.

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Your Questions About Apple Cider Vinegar Skin Lightening
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