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Whitening Skin Care – An Overview

Whitening Skin Care – An Overview

Whitening Skin Care has been and is of deep concern to millions of people all around the world. Many cultures have desired lighter skin for their own unique reasons. The Japanese, for example, have considered the beauty of white skin since the day of the Geisha. Other societies, such as Persia. India and Africa have considered the fair complexion as a sign of beauty and wealth, in that those who were not browned by the sun obviously were not workers, but rather either rich or of royalty.

It is quite ironic to find Europeans and Americans working so hard to get a tan. But that is still a sign that people have a desire to alter their appearance to some degree.

So, what are the methods of Whitening Skin Care? An age old method was (and still is) with the use of hydroquinone, a chemical used topically, which reduces the pigmentation in the skin. Products made with hydroquinone are used for discolorations closer to the surface, in the epidermis. A 2% strength is offered over the counter, while a 4% strength is available only with a prescription. Laser treatments are offered for deeper discolorations in the dermis.

Dermatologists are also quite familiar with skin lightening agents such as kojic and azelaic acid. And there are several herbal extracts that are used such as Mulberry, Bearberry, Licorice & Lemon Juice, which inhibit melanin production in the skin.

The bulk of the products available are designed to whiten skin in either of 2 ways: by absorption of ultra-violet rays, which keeps the sun from darkening the skin; by the reduction of the melanin pigmentation.

Hydroquinone is generally thought of as a skin bleach and has been the most used method throughout the centuries. HQ is used to lighten the skin as well as to locally address small areas and discolorations, such as age spots.

There are also peels which are made from alpha hydroxy acids. These peels have been very effective in removing discolorations from the skin.

It doesn’t appear that there is any one method which could be considered “en vogue” per se. The methods are more based on personal preference and depend on the result one is trying to achieve. The desired result, whether for beauty, function or health treatment, is what determines the methods used when skin lightening is desired. Beauty is the primary focus, as with other procedures we engage ourselves in, such as tummy tucks, liposuction, and face lifts. Whitening Skin Care is just another way for us to express ourselves and to present our greatest beauty to the world.

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