Where and how much does skin bleaching cost?

Question by Sun Park: Where and how much does skin bleaching cost?
I am looking forward to auditioning to an entertainment company that wants light skinned people. i have a healthy tan but they told me to bleach my skin o_o Can anyone please tell me where I could get skin bleaching? Thank you (and i know about ski whitening treatments but that would take too long >.< )

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Answer by RockergurlSoS!
Go to Walgreens.

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Where and how much does skin bleaching cost?
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  1. yahoo police Says:

    never ever bleach your skin.it will make your skin look ghost white and disgusting.this man bleached his skin and this is the result


    it just looks freaky, almost as if he is a victim of radiation.tanned skin is gorgeous. color is beautiful. if you bleach your skin you will regret it. i knew a girl who bleached her skin and from up close it was just scary