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What Is Hyperpigmentation And What Causes It?

Hyperpigmentation is the over production of melanin in the skin that provides color to the skin. It generally occurs in light skinned people from exposure to the sun. People with dark skin have more melanin in their body than those with fair skin. When you become tanned you have produced more melanin or when dark spots appear on the skin, usually on the face or hands, it means the production of melanin was excessive in that area.

There are many causes of hyperpigmentation as follows:

Exposure to the sun – This is the most common cause of hyperpigmentation and one that can be prevented. The ultraviolet rays of the sun will enhance the production of melanin in the skin, thus causing you to tan. However, if you have been over exposed throughout the years, this out of control production often results in dark spots on the face or hands. It usually occurs later in life so they are often called age spots.

Birth Control Pills and Pregnancy – During pregnancy and while taking birth control pills, some women develop a form of hyperpigmentation called melasma. It is usually found with people with darker skin but usually disappears after the pregnancy or when you cease to take birth control pills.

Illnesses and Other Conditions – Sometimes hyperpigmentation occurs during some illnesses such as autoimmune diseases or when taking certain medications such as antibiotics. It is usually temporary and goes away when you are no longer taking the medicine or your condition improves. It has been known to occur during chemotherapy or if you have a vitamin deficiency or metabolic disorder.

Acne, Eczema or Scarring – Hyperpigmentation can also occur if you have severe acne or eczema when you have picked at the scabs or acne before they are healed. It can also occur if the skin has suffered from a burn or another bad injury like a cut or from exposure to chemicals. These are known as post inflammatory hyperpigmentation and usually occur while the skin is healing. These can last for a year or more and sometimes are permanent reminders of your ordeal.

Hyperpigmentation can be treated by various home remedies like aloe vera or Face whitening creams and professional chemical skin peels. But it is recommended that you seek professional guidance before treating these conditions with a physician or skin care professional.

Hyper-pigmentation can be treated with natural remedies, as well as topical and surgical procedures. So choose the products and treatments for your beauty regimen that will help banish hyperpigmentation for good.

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