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Vaginal Bleaching Tips and Options

Vaginal Bleaching Tips and Options

The skin around the vaginal area darkens due to hormonal factors, irritation that causes excessive pigmentation, and obesity. In some cases, insulin resistance in overweight women may also cause a darker skin development in the creased areas. To address these issues, some women undergo vaginal bleaching. Some women also want vaginal bleaching for a healthier, more radiant skin, and to enhance their sex appeal. If you’re interested in vaginal bleaching, here are some tips and options available for you.


To get rid of the darker skin tone around the intimate area, health experts suggest weight loss and maintenance, especially for overweight women. Regular exercise, a healthy diet, and proper consultation from your doctor will help you achieve the appropriate weight for your age and height. If you’re interested in diet plans and protocols, consult your nutritionist for proper advice. Once you achieve your ideal weight, you can be treated for bleaching and have your desired lighter skin around the intimate area.


Using the vaginal bleaching cream is one of the most popular methods used today. Bleaching treatment options include a whitening agent containing arbutin, glycolic acid, or hydroquinone. Healthcare professionals commonly use tretinoin cream with the whitening agent to regenerate skin cells. Aside from improving skin gradation, this treatment also conditions the intimate area’s skin folds.


Modern healthcare professionals have developed better skin lightening treatments for intimate skin lightening. When used according to instructions, an innovative vaginal bleaching product can deliver noticeable results in three weeks. Made from the finest natural ingredients, this treatment lightens skin and makes it softer and suppler. This hypoallergenic solution rubs in quickly with no lingering scent, and offers a healthier, more radiant skin in women’s intimate areas.


Microdermabrasion, the cosmetic technique for removing dead skin cells (exfoliation) through mechanical equipment, also offers considerable results. Before you undergo this procedure, you need an expertly trained professional to supervise the right equipment and complete the treatment. You may need two to three sessions per week to notice major results.


Vaginal spa also offers benefits for those who want to improve skin color around their intimate area. Aside from the enhanced skin tone, this option maintains vaginal hygiene and stamina, strengthens and exercises the pelvic floor muscles, and provides a healthier, more refreshed feeling. After cleaning the vaginal area, other areas like the groin, stomach, and buttocks are scrubbed with natural materials such as roses and sandalwood to remove dead skin cells and make the skin smoother.


Before undergoing any of these vaginal bleaching treatment options, consult with your doctor and other healthcare professionals to know which are the most applicable for your specific condition.

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