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Underarm Whitening – Treatments for Dark Underarms

If you are tired of your dark armpits getting you down and preventing you from wearing sleeveless tops because you are feeling self conscious, do not despair because there is help available.

There are different factors that affect the appearance for dark armpits such as the deodorant that you are using, constant shaving or just the natural fact that all joint areas tend to be darker as compared to the other areas.

While most people look to creams, lotions and laser treatment, there are some people like me who still prefer keeping it natural. There are a lot of underarm whitening home remedies that have been proven to work, that will lighten your armpits and bring your confidence back.

Here are some of them:

A proven dark underarm treatment involves gram flour, curd, lemon juice and a little turmeric. All you need to do is to mix it all up properly and apply to your armpits. Leave it on for at least 20 minutes, preferably 30 minutes before you rinse it off with warm water. Doing this at least 3 times a week will get you results faster. For the fastest results, you can apply the mixture daily, then you should start to see changes in days.

Lemon is probably the most common bleaching agents.

Do not just focus on the lemons. Cucumbers as well as potato have great bleaching properties, all you need to do is to apply them on your armpits, and you will see your armpits start to get lighter. Make sure that there is proper contact between your skin and the juices from the lemon, cucumber and potato.

Nature has given us these amazing fruits and vegetables that we can use freely to better our health and the way we look, we just need to know how to use them properly to benefit ourselves.

There are many people who come from a huge variety of nationalities and backgrounds who suffer from a darkening of the skin in the armpit region of the body. There are many reasons why this darkening of the skin tone occurs, including the use of products which contains unnatural chemicals, skin conditions, obesity, restrictive clothing, excessive sweating and much more. Luckily, there are some very underarm whitening creams, lotions and soaps which use natural ingredients to solve this problem. Using naturally occurring substances limits the risk of causing an irritation or allergic reaction, as well as puts less stress on the skin during the lightening process. The underarm skin is very sensitive and thin, and thus using a gentler product compared to chemical based creams which use Hydroquinone, you can expect to see good results while not suffering from allergic reactions.

There are a number of products which can result in underarm, but many of them are general skin lightening creams. While these will have an effect, you will notice much better results by investing in a cream, lotion or skin whitening soap, which caters directly to the skin of the underarm. Due to the delicate nature of the skin located in this area, many people may suffer some sort of reaction to creams which contain strong chemicals, such as an irritability of the skin, red spots, rashes and other undesirable side affects. It is best to use an all natural product, and recently there have been several new ingredient combinations using only natural elements which have been found to be just as strong as creams which contain Hydroquinone (a very strong skin whitening chemical). The most effective products will combine natural remedies for whitening underarms in one cream or lotion to optimize results.

For the best results you’ll need to find a cream that is designed to cater to your individual skin type and lightening goals. You can find more information and product suggestions by visiting our page about underarm whitening on our website.

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