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Underarm Bleaching – Will Underarm Bleach Safely Lighten My Dark Underarms?

Underarm bleaching is quickly becoming a very popular at-home cosmetic procedure. This is probably due to a few reasons including the improved safety and affordability of at-home underarm bleaching creams and gels as well as the growing concern of individuals regarding the color of their underarms.

The reality is that dark underarms affect millions of both men and women and can be the result of increased perspiration such as from extensive exercise or even from using certain deodorants. Additional causes of dark underarms have been linked to rare medical conditions and the build up of dead skin cells. However, whatever the cause is, people with dark underarms or even discolored underarms want a safe, effective, and affordable solution.

While it is possible to try underarm lightening techniques such as using lemon juice, most people who try all-natural, at-home solutions typically report a minimal change in the appearance of their underarm skin. The most effective, at-home solution is to use underarm bleach.

It should be noted that some underarm bleach creams contain the dangerous ingredient Hydroquinone. These underarm whitening products should be avoided. This is because Hydroquinone, while effective in lightening the skin, has been linked to the development of cancer and is quickly becoming banned all over the world regardless of its potency.

That said, there are a wide variety of safe and effective underarm bleaching treatments available on the market for much less money than an individual would pay in a salon or spa. This is because any skin bleaching treatment requires multiple applications which can lead to a very expensive salon bill.

Due to the expense of bleaching underarms in a salon, many people now search for underarm whitening products online and in retail stores. If you are one of these people, there are some things you need to be aware of. For example, it is important that you carefully read over the list of ingredients for any potential product you purchase. This is important because it could contain Hydroquinone and or an ingredient you are allergic to. It is best to avoid any underarm bleach that does not clearly list its ingredients.

Another thing you should be aware of is where the product was produced. If you are going to be applying a skin bleaching treatment to some of the most sensitive skin on your body, you will want to make sure it is produced under safe and supervised conditions in order to ensure that it was not tainted and will not hurt or damage your skin.

Finally, there has been a recent trend with products offering free trials. This is true for a lot of skin treatments including underarm bleaching products. However, the trick is that they require your credit card number for the “free” trial. You are then automatically enrolled in a program which bills your credit card every month unless you cancel. This is how these companies make money albeit in an unethical manner. If you do choose an underarm lightening cream that offers a free trial, be sure that you read the small print.

In conclusion, underarm bleaching continues to become more popular and available as more and more people desire bright, clean looking underarms as opposed to discolored, dark underarms. While there are always exceptions, for the most part underarm bleach products will safely and effectively lighten dark underarms.

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