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The Wrong Whitening Method

The Wrong Whitening Method
Autumn is the best skin whitening the golden age, most skin problems at this time, just do the care, beauty whitening becomes easier simpler. Autumn temperature decreases, the skin’s metabolism will slow, and therefore the thicker cuticle. Although the skin is to protect the skin from the damage, but too thick cuticle, would greatly weaken the skin’s permeability, and weaken the skin on the absorption of active ingredients freckle products. In the salon care, oily skin, massage cream skim the site can be used for acne massage massage acupuncture points. The dry skin area, the choice of nutritional placenta cream or massage oil for facial massage, which not only achieve the effect of fat, but also to the dry area to increase nutrition, improve mutual adjustment among the cosmetic nature of skin. Face to be washed clean, be sure to select the face wash in water temperature close to, because cold water will shrink pores, can not thoroughly clean the skin of dirt, the last cold water tap and then face to shrink pores, accelerate blood circulation role. Facial cleanser optional detergency strong focus on cleaning the forehead, nose, mouth parts of the week and oily skin at the jaw, and cheek area can be achieved only in passing comprehensive clean results.

Choose the regular professional medical beauty organization is the premise of safety. Laser as light therapy in a tertiary case, you can solve many skin problems, a lot of medical beauty organization, for the stain, then, need to stain the type of choice of different light therapy treatment, freckles, then opening of the laser is the preferred treatment of complete security does not scarring. Melasma causes of complex symptomatic treatment is required, under the classification rule in tune to the method, the effects of treatment with light therapy is ideal. If the cost of medical institutions in each slightly different, you can first find out, of course, good results is the most important.

White skin will make people’s temperament jumped into fall, but also to maintain the skin’s best time, fresh season is the best time to repair the skin. Whitening Hydrating Water in the same time, restore skin youthful radiance. And MM is in autumn and winter are for the next spring and summer, skin whitening time to prepare. This can give you about a few foods that can help you: bananas, oranges, milk, soy milk, lily, almonds, yi ren (barley), these foods has the best food as whitening, how to eat these foods to meet our want beauty whitening, the effect of nutrition it. As the saying goes, a white cover three ugly. Therefore, flawless skin is always soft white women to pursue the goal. Right now the season changes, increasing the intensity of ultraviolet light, surely we are beginning to prepare for the bar whitening sunscreen. Oh, but be aware that if the wrong whitening method not only has no effect, but also result in different levels of skin damage is very serious consequences, but oh.

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