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The Side Effects Of Hydroquinone

Hydroquinone is a type of phenol and it is an aromatic compound. It is a common ingredient used for skin whitening purposes. It is used to solve problems of hyper pigmentation on the body. People who have using products having this active component experienced some of its side effects.

These are the effects that a user may experience:

1. People using products with this element will experience an increase on their skin’s sensitivity to the sun. It is then a must for them to always wear sun screens when going outdoors and to reduce their exposure to the sun.

2. Skin sensitivity increases also. It is not advisable therefore to use harsh soaps and ointments on areas where hydroquinone is applied.

3. Another one is the redness of the skin. The skin will suffer the most, since it is the one in contact with this chemical.

4. It increases your sensitivity to allergies. Effects of this include the difficulty of breathing, swelling of the face and rashes.

5. Other skin-related problems may be observed. Examples are blistering, darkening of the skin, irritation and over drying of the skin.

6. The worst effect includes leukemia, liver damage and thyroid disorder.

7. It causes cancer, causes problems on some parts of the organs in our body such as as the endocrine system and may affect brain functionality as well.

8. It is also linked with a disease that involves the darkening and thickening of the skin known as ochronosis. Common victims of this disease are the black men and women in Britain, in the US, and in South Africa. Grayish-brown spots and dome-shaped yellowish spots are observed in ochronosis.

9. It is related with the abnormal functioning of the adrenalin glands.

This chemical was prohibited in some countries. Any product that employs this as an ingredient must seek the approval of the Food and Drug Administration.

This is considered also as one of the most harmful ingredient used in cosmetics.

It is not only skin lighteners that contain this kind of chemicals, it can be found on products like hair conditioners, skin cleansers and facial moisturizers.

Other chemicals also like the mercury and steroid are very harmful. The use of mercury in other fields such as in medical devices is prohibited now.

With the problems presented, it is advisable then for users of skin lightening products to check the labels of their brands. Make sure no toxic ingredient is included in the product. Let us all ensure one’s health.

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