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The Pros & Cons of Manufactured and Making Your Own Face Whitening Creams At Home

There are creams catered to whitening the face and lightening your skin color overall. Face whitening creams and the two options that are central to achieving a whiter skin, will be talked about in great detail.

The two options or rather categories that the whitening creams fall into are:- (1) Manufactured Over The Counter Creams (2) Making Your Own Whitening Cream. Before we get into the pros and cons of each choice, let me categorically state that both choices are capable of giving you the lighter facial skin tone that you desire. Having stated that, it is time to outline what the main pros and cons are.

Manufactured – Pros

No Sweat To Obtain – Unless you’re looking for something like a rare brand or product name, face whitening creams can be purchased online, at beauty shops and pharmacies to name a few.

The Convenience – Not as time consuming as preparing your own whitening cream at home.

Manufactured – Cons

Can Be Expensive – Some over the counter face whitening creams are very expensive. An excessive amount for a commercial skin whitening cream means you will save money by going the homemade route.

Embargo on Certain Creams – Some over the counter skin whitening creams may do more harm to your health than good to your skin. This may range from certain creams having the opposite intended effect on your face, to creams that may result in rapidly deteriorating health due to chemicals that prove to be deadly.

The Chance of Overuse – This pretty much means that you can only use most manufactured face whitening creams for a little while before you must stop. A couple of months at a time is commonly the recommendation for face whitening creams containing certain substances like hydroquinone. You are taking a serious risk if you don’t halt the use of these creams after the period given to you has elapsed.

Can Be Slow – Let’s face it, the majority of over the counter face whitening creams are unlikely to whiten up your face overnight. While a few manufactured creams may lighten your skin fast, the majority will not. The face whitening cream should also be used with consistency. If you have strict instructions to use it twice daily for three months, then stick to the plan.

Not All Will Lighten You – There are positive and negative possibilities that a face lightening cream can bring. Either it lightens your face, it doesn’t or it further undermines the face you are trying to lighten.

The Hydroquinone Compound – Used in many products designed to reduce hyperpigmentation. Chronic use of hydroquinone creams is strictly not recommended and has adverse effects on your skin. There have been numerous tests done on adult rats, and findings indicate increased rates of certain types of cancer for the rats. The ingredient is banned in European Union member states, and the Food and Drug Administration(U.S.) states that it can’t be ruled out as a potential carcinogen(directly linked to causing cancer). Skin sensitivity is amplified when you use hydroquinone products without minimizing exposure to the sun’s rays and using a heavy duty sunscreen.

Making Your Own At Home – Pros

Usually Cheaper – This is frequently a cheaper option over buying a commercial face whitening cream, and yes that includes all of the ingredients combined. What sweetens the deal to a greater extent is that many ingredients can be purchased from a grocery or you may have a few of them already at your location.

Natural Ingredients Make It The Healthier of the Two – The chance of being exposed to harmful stuff is significantly lessened, especially with natural ingredients.

Nothing Hidden To Worry About – Not only is there less chance of endangerment, but there aren’t really any side effects to worry about.

May Achieve Quicker Results – With many recipes, this is very feasible.

Making Your Own At Home – Cons

You Need To Have The Ingredients First – It’s possible to turn this con into a pro if you look at the process of making your own face whitening cream, and saving money as a knowledge expanding opportunity. Unfortunately, there will be those who view it as a potential bugbear. It may be due to being away from home for long hours, thus not having the time available to learn how to make their own whitening cream.

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