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The Effects Of Using Illegal Bleaching Creams

The supply of bleaching creams rose because of high demand. Some of these brands contain bleaching agents that are prohibited because of its side effects. Some users might have overlooked the contents of the product, but is it safe to use?

Because of their harmful contents, some bleaching creams were considered illegal. Though they are effective enough to exfoliate the skin, there are some effects of this that are not healthy.

Although illegal bleaching creams are cheap and can be purchased easily, it is not a hundred percent sure if it is made up of pure safe ingredients. What if some of its contents are mercury, hydroquinone, or estrogen? What do you think will happen?

For sure, the first one to be affected is the skin. For the first time, skin bleaching might do any harm to your skin. But, continuous using of creams with harmful ingredients might damage the inner layers of your skin instead. They can also cause severe skin irritations.

One of harmful bleaching agent that is usually used is the Corticosteroids. We should be aware that high dose of this agent in illegal creams can cause a problem with the hormone levels. It disrupts the human body’s hormone system. With continuous exposure of the body to corticosteroids, the body will be immune to the steroid content of the corticosteroids. This will result to hormonal imbalance. Hormonal imbalance may then lead to problems in the reproductive system, excessive bruising and skin irregularities. It may even result to blood thinning.

Due to hormonal imbalance, there was a disease diagnosed known as the Cushing’s syndrome. A person having this disease will develop stretch marks, weak bones, anxiety and even high blood pressure.

Over using of skin bleaching can give you some kind of skin irritation. Therefore, to avoid such problems, use the proper prescribed amount of bleaching creams only. It takes a longer time to see the result but it guarantees your safety.

Bleaching creams should be free from harmful ingredients such as the mercury, hydroquinone and steroid. To avoid products containing these,ask your doctor for a trusted brand.

And lastly, to avoid any skin complications, do not bleach your skin when it is not needed. When you do not have a skin problem, let it be. Beauty does not solely depend on the color of the skin. It depends on what is inside our heart.

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