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Your Questions About Skin Lightening Forum

Laura asks…

Has anybody tried to lighten their skin with Lemons?

Has it worked for anybody?

I want to lighten skin but I do not want to use product. I am a dark brown woman.

And please do not criticize my personal choice, this is a question not a debate forum.

AnswerBot answers:

Not I, no..

Donald asks…

Does anyone know of recipes or forums that discuss how to lighten the skin using Apple cider vinegar?

I am a black woman with skin discolorations, i drink my required amount of water a day, and i eat right, i love the softness and suppleness of my skin. But i hate my discolorations. If anyone knows of natural ways and natural things I can use to even my skin tone and go to my regular skin tone, i would appreciate it. I have heard lots of things about Apple cider vinegar.

AnswerBot answers:

Yes dab on alittle ACV every night and cover bandaid over the place where u want the color to change..this will help alot.

Lizzie asks…

Do White people have a lot to answer for in terms of the reasons why?

ethnic people all over the world are trying to bleach and lighten their skin to look white.
I have seen many questions on these boards about people wanting to lighten their skin;_ylt=AhTaO4dwbP2PU6pZlpnh46FJBgx.?qid=20060908104323AAd6Ggu;_ylt=AkYY1yuVq9sXuCfCe12bb6xJBgx.?qid=20070323172825AAirnIF;_ylt=AhJyPWv5DzslmpMZxz3C3tlJBgx.?qid=20070116105636AAZ5PUD;_ylt=AkVdW6nuHwkk2goHzHIjDcZJBgx.?qid=20061230185919AARJ2RU

and there are websites dedicated to this as well. Bright Skin Forums

Indian,other Asian women and some Black women have a particular obsession with skin bleaching which is extremely dangerous and can have disastrous results. But, this desire to lighten the skin is only as a result of the Western ideals of beauty !!!
People want to look white as it is shoved down our faces all the time that to be successful, beautiful, wealthy you have to be either white or fair skinned ethnic – e.g Beyonce, Alicia Keyes, Haillie Berry, Ashwarya Rai, Shilpa Shetty…. etc

How many really successful dark skinned WOMEN are there in the movie industry – Angela Bassett, Whoopie Goldberg.. not that many!!
P.S I am mixed race and am fed up with people admiring me for having fair skin – Asian, Whites and Blacks do this and it is a warped sense of worth!!
PLEASE READ THE QUESTION!! Ethnic minorities bleach their skin for acceptance and because White people notice skin shades so they want to be accepted by you. If you need proof of that take 2 people – one fair skinned and one dark skinned and put them in Russia or some parts of Eastern Europe and see who fairs best!!!..
There is no comparison between White people tanning and ethnic people bleaching. White people don’t tan to look Black they do it to look healthy, but ethnic people do it to look more white!!

AnswerBot answers:

I don’t know why they do this. Like being white is anything to be proud of. Im mostly Spanish, and that aint much to be proud of either, according to the history books.

Ruth asks…

How did SNSD lighten their skin so well?
Tiffany looked a lot darker pre-debut

AnswerBot answers:

In photoshoots in addition to photoshopping they also make their skin lighter.
SNSD’s photos get a lot of photoshop. I mean the photo of Jessica for Legally Blonde you can’t even see her knees they photoshopped them out so much.

Most likely she stayed out of the sun and wore sunscreen. Lightening creams and lotions are readily available as well so she probably used those for some time. It doesn’t take that long to become lighter.

Luna was dark and debut but now she’s really light. She definitely used bleaching creams to speed up the process.

Jenny asks…

Why do we minorities internalize the white ideals we are force fed?

-straightening hair
-using skin lightening creams
-wearing blue/green contacts
-glorifying those within our race (Africans, Latinos and Asians) with lighter skin (especially women)
-denouncing persons of color as “sell outs” for speaking well

Before, you deny that this sentiment exists:
-look at the black women in music videos
-look at the Asian stars (esp. in Hong Kong)
-look at the Latina celebrities (conquistadores)

I remember as a little kid being told that I was “lucky” for having light skin by own family.

It is time to reclaim our beauty. People of color, I ask you this, why do we practice self-hatred? I, too, am guilty. I don’t have any answers, but I hope that soon we can have an open forum to discuss what has plagued our communities for way too long.
wwotw-No, I mean internalize, because we start to believe what we were taught.

AnswerBot answers:

Who exactly is force feeding you this stuff? I’d rather you picked up the ideals of personal responsibility rather than blaming “Whitey” for anything and everything that you do. Because YOU practice self-hatred every minority does? I can tell you that my Puerto Rican husband, who is from the island, doesn’t hate himself nor does my son who, incidentally, will get grief for not looking “Latino” enough–I’ve already been told he can’t possibly be Puerto Rican because he so light-skinned. This kind of thing runs both ways, but people like you never admit that.

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Your Questions About Skin Lightening Forum
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