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Spa Promotions During White Day Celebration

Imagine a Valentine’s Day extension? There will be more chocolates or sweets right? Well, in Japanese traditions, women will give men gifts of chocolates for this day of the year. How cool is that?

There is what they call as “Giri Choco” which is translated as “obligation chocolate.” These are chocolates given to bosses or chiefs where a female employee works. It renders her a sense of entitlement to give as she might conclude that other girls give. There is also what they call “Honmei Choco” translated as “prospective winner chocolate.” These are more pricey but they are for her loved ones. It can be a relative, a boyfriend, or a husband. It is even better to shape that chocolate to something that person loves like a car.

So when is this Valentine’s Day extension? It’s what they call as “White Day” around March 14. This is the time when men who received the giri choco and honmei choco to repay the favor to the ladies. From the word “white,” they are to present gifts of any form with white color. It can be anything from socks to lingerie, but take into mind that it needs to be more costly!

What better means to make the ladies feel beautiful and relaxed? Thus, spa promotions are evident. Ikedaspa.com lay outs different types of spa promotions in line with the event. They accommodate spa promotions such as a “Papaya Whitening Body Ritual” and “Hokkaido Milk Bath Ritual,” each with its unique mix of the tradition’s intention.

The Papaya Whitening Body Ritual spa promotion includes one of the world’s leading natural whitening products. The papaya contains a natural enzyme that promotes cell renewal and exfoliating properties that also has skin softening feature. The Hokkaido Milk Bath Ritual involves the lactic acid ingredient that acts as a gentle cleanser on the skin as well as it contains natural fats and organic proteins contributing to skin softening.

These spa promotions are just an instance of a spa company that promotes wellness. There are various kinds of spa promotions available in different times and seasons that fit your current needs. In other words, you don’t have to wait for Valentine’s Day to get that R and R!

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