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Some Helpful Skin Care Tips

Talk about skin if you are fair and the thing is your arms, face, neck and lower legs, which are the most exposed parts of the body, are darker than the other parts. Example the lower leg is somewhat darker than your feet. What should you do or use to make the skin’s color even. Well in this case if you have a budget on whitening creams you try to put on it, you should use it before scrubbing the affected area. You know, it is much effective if the darker area is the main focus of the scrub rather than the area which is in the right tone.

Chose a product that you know can get along with your kind of skin. Do not buy because you just see it on TV commercials you have to know if your skin is normal, dry or oily before you apply anything on your body. And whenever you go out don’t forget to put sun block or just use a long-sleeved shirt and pants if you cannot avoid going outside. For a much cheaper solution, you can use calamansi and milk mixed together. After taking a bath, you put it on the affected area. Leave it for 5 minutes and then rinse. Do it everyday whenever you take a bath and put lotion.

What if you feel uncomfortable with your wide forehead? The solution to that is to look for a good hairstylist and have them cut your hair that would appropriate for your face’s shape and contour. Or if you have no time to go to the salon, try to experiment your style like put some bangs and accessories like hair band or clips. You can put some color on your face to move the attention away from your forehead.

What is the best thing to do if you have great smooth skin but you feel you have bumps on the underarm like chicken skin? Actually we get these tiny little bumps because of using tweezers in getting rid of the hair on the underarm. Those tiny little bumps are the new hair that is going to break out. The solution is too expensive but if you have money you can remove this permanently using laser removal technique. But because this is expensive we try the cheaper alternative. Buy products from the health and beauty store that can instantly remove the hair and it will not break out easily.

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