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Every one in this world is born beautiful but it is the age and other factors which reduce this beauty as time passes and age grows. To look beautiful and charming is the utmost desire of every one. Men or women both are conscious about there fitness in terms of their physique and outlooks but the drastic effects of day by day increasing pollution and the hectic routine of today’s busy life makes these dreams hard to achieve but obviously not impossible.

Beauty lies in the complexion and looks. What can save or beauty and fresher look from the harmful effects of the atmosphere and other factors. There are number ways and methods to get your beauty more enhanced. Some skin whitening, skin cleansing method have been in practice for quite some time. Some of these methods have produced good results and others have left a bad impression too.

There are two distinct and widely different techniques are used for the purpose of refreshing the skin and making one’s complexion fairer and skin smoother and shining. One is the natural way of achieving the goal of fairness and other is the medicated methods which include different therapies and treatments.

Natural method has been in practice for centuries. There results seemed to be satisfying and side effects being negligible. These methods include different herbal products and different herbs. These herbs have the least side effects on the skin. The mud masks used during the ancients times are still in practice as their results in skin whitening has been more good than other medicated treatments.

The other method for getting the goal of fresh look and beautiful skin is the medicated therapies and treatments. These skin whitening techniques comprise of laser therapy, physical therapy or some massages. In fact these massages are the techniques which were being used long ago in china and other countries in the ancient times. Some creams and cleansing materials are in common use in today’s world.

But a close look into the modern methods shows us that the new techniques are no doubt good and result oriented but still one factor makes them fall against the natural method. This factor is the side effects of these creams and techniques. As continuous use of these techniques and therapies results in increase in the rate of dead cells on the skin and this factor comes up with the next problem of rashes on the skin and rusty look of the skin if these techniques are stopped or even used in extensive manner than the natural fresh look and shine in the skin will become obsolete.

This vary advantage of negligible side effects of natural products over the medicated ones, makes the natural methods far more reliable and longer in life than the medicated ones.

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