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Skin whitening lotions and their effectiveness

Many companies have come up offering Skin Whitening solutions and lotions which are deemed to act like magic potions. The demand for such creams and lotions is hitting a fevered pitch. Many firms are even offering different sets of low-cost whitening products for different types of skin amid prospective buyers.

The obsession with magnificent skin and glowing texture of the exterior has entered the psyche of the society largely. People are willing to invest a whole lot of money for getting flawless skin. Girls especially are fed up of pimples and brown spots and they want to get the imperfections out before marriage so that they get a handsome groom for themselves. Flawlessness is difficult to attain but one needs to take help from different variety of products and solutions which are offered in the market to get rid of the external flaws, if any.

The question now is which of these variations of best skin whitening products and services need to be used. There are two types of products related to whitening, they have a natural base or a chemical base.

Dealing with chemical combo of products is risky and hence one should anticipate that one will be working with different chemicals including hydroquinone. This is an element put which can remove discolorations and lighten the skin effectively and efficiently. Some reports have said that it is an unsafe option since it is said to contribute to different side-effects on the overall physique.
It is also said that the element causes cancer and hence it is banned in various countries in Australia and Europe. Mercury which is used in some skin whitening products is also said to be harmful since it can have adverse effects on the lungs, kidneys and even the brain.

Many lotions contain dangerous chemicals and one should be sure if the cream and lotion that they are using have any of those chemicals. One should avoid using them, since instead of skin whitening, you might ruin it and even damage your entire physique to no avail.

On the other hand, natural and organic skin whitening products include pure ingredients which are used in many skin creams. These products are general free from risk and mild and can suit any type of skin. But a consultation with the dermatologist will help determine if there is no problem with the usage.

Lemon and licorice extract are most often used ingredients for the process since they are already in use as organic bleaching agents. Lemon is a fantastic exfoliant which can remove your dead skin and add new skin to the same spot. Licorice extracts are natural enough to lighten the skin and are a risk-free alternative to hydroquinone.

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