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Skin Bleaching Creams For Dark Underarms – Are Underarm Whitening Creams Effective?

Skin Bleaching is a very popular, if not controversial topic at the moment. Not only has the recent death of Michael Jackson prompted a renewed interested and fascination concerning skin bleaching, but also the continued research which proves that the popular skin lightening ingredient, Hydroquinone, has been linked to cancer has garnered continued attention. This combination of recent news articles has led many to question the safety of skin bleaching specifically on sensitive areas of the body such as the face and underarms.

This is because as we reach a certain age, our skin does not appear to be as healthy as it once was. Dark spots appear, and years of shaving and waxing can lead to the appearance of dark underarms. Furthermore, exposure to the sun can also damage to the skin. However, while there are a myriad of reasons why the skin becomes discolored, those that suffer from these common skin discoloration issues want answers, not more questions.

There are essentially two options to help lighten the underarm skin: use a natural remedy or purchase a safe and effective underarm bleaching cream. However, if you may have noticed, there seems to be hundreds of skin bleaching creams, underarm whitening creams, and facial skin lightening serums on the market. This makes choosing a safe and effective solution for discolored skin including for dark underarms, quite a daunting process. If you find yourself in this situation, there are two main distinctions between skin bleaching products: ingredients and value.

As previously stated, it is in the best interest of your health to avoid any skin bleaching or underarm whitening cream that includes Hydroquinone. This ingredient has been linked to cancer and has already been banned throughout the world. While America has yet to ban the sale of skin bleaching creams that contain this ingredient, they might once more consumers demand it. That said, there are effective ingredients to look out for. Once of which is Alpha Arbutin which helps stop the skin from producing pigment (color). As dead skin peels off, using this ingredient will stop new skin from developing color, which in turn will give the appearance of lightened and brighten skin. This ingredient is safe to use on sensitive parts of the body such as on the underarms or on the face. Another effective ingredient to search for is Kojic Acid. This ingredient is derived from the natural process of fermenting rice and was discovered to have safe and effective skin lightening properties including in underarm whitening treatments.

The final variable you need to pay close attention to is value. It will more than likely take a few weeks to produce the kind of results that will make you satisfied with your purchase. Look for deals and think through buying a “designer” product as you are often paying for a name rather than the product. Good luck and remember that it is safe to lighten your skin including dark underarms and dark spots on the face as long as you choose a product that does not contain dangerous ingredients.

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