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Skin Bleaching: 5 Simple Tips To Do It Right

With the picture of Sammy Sosa uploaded in the web, the issue on skin whitening became alive again. Before, Michael Jackson was a big controversy on the skin bleaching issue.

If you are going to take a look at the photo of Sammy Sosa, you will see a great transformation of the color of his skin. It shows the result of successful way of skin bleaching. Not all individuals undergoing skin bleaching will achieve a good result. There are some who failed and thus damaged their skin instead.

A successful skin bleaching depends on how you do it. Here are simple tips to do it right:

1. When choosing the product to be used, the first thing to consider is whether it is safe or not. To ensure safety, it is recommended to buy products that have natural extracts as their main active components.

2. Peeling of the skin will result to a dry skin. Applying moisturizer will bring out a light and fresh skin instead of the dry skin. Therefore, moisturizer should be applied 5-10 minutes after applying bleaching cream on the skin.

3. A sun block with a high SPF can provide you a protection from the sun. Even if you are not undergoing skin treatment, it is best to wear sun screen when going out to protect your skin not only from discolorations but also, from possible skin cancer.

4. Have a regular intake of Vitamin C. Enough body supply of vitamin C improves the skin’s suppleness and it slows down melanin formation. Fruits as oranges, lemons, and others are good source of vitamin C.

5. Enough sleep, sufficient supply of water in the body, and a well-balanced diet will give your skin more fresh, light and lively look. It will prevent dry skin also.

For long-lasting result, you must take into considerations proper maintenance.

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