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Should Home Teeth Whitening Kits Be Available On NHS?

There are many things available through the NHS now that our parents and grandparents would never have dreamt possible! Boob jobs, boob reductions, nose jobs, ear pinning, cleft lip corrective surgery, loose skin removal, gastric bands etc…

Not everyone can benefit from the things on offer, but a doctor will listen to your case and if they deem you are severely affected by your problems, they may refer you for surgery on the NHS. People’s lives are literally changing due to these procedures and whereas many years ago they would have had to save for years or get into debt, now the NHS has recognised the pressure and stress some afflictions can cause and what impact this has on a person’s daily life.

Bad teeth can affect people in much the same way. Being too afraid to open your mouth to talk or smile at someone will impact on your emotions. Holding your hand in front of your mouth when you talk will hold you back in life. Being too ashamed of people judging you on the colour of your teeth can stop people from socialising. The NHS is about helping people have a better quality of life so do teeth whitening kits fall in this premise?

Unfortunately not. Any cosmetic dentistry including whitening, veneers and tooth reshaping will not be covered, despite the government acknowledging that poor teeth can affect confidence greatly. However, healthcare resources and budgets are so constrained that expecting their portfolio to be expanded to cover these kinds of treatments is unrealistic.

The good news is that teeth whitening kits are now as affordable as ever. Many companies now sell an easy to use kit for home use, and it is as effective as ever. You can choose the strength of the kits and manage the whitening process from the comfort of your own lounge, or bath! Not only can you do this privately and at a much cheaper rate than you would pay a dentist, but you can easily maintain the level of whiteness at home. In fact the teeth whitening kits contain the same ingredients as the expensive stuff the dentists use and charge you hundreds of pounds for!

So no, teeth whitening kits are not available from the NHS and that is unlikely to change in the near future, but with such great prices on home whitening kits, you can easily afford to buy one yourself with great results.

Peter Morgan is a health and beauty writer covering topics such as teeth whitening gel, teeth whitening kits as well as the latest teeth whitening products available to purchase online.