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Seven Vegetables Whiten Your Skin

Seven Vegetables Whiten Your Skin

Skin care products can effectively help you improve your color. However, you still need to adjust your dietary habits to whiten your skin fundamentally. Generally speaking, seven vegetables can make your skin become white. These vegetables include pea, potato, white turnip, carrot, mushroom, cucumber and white gourd.


Pea has important effects of beautifying the skin and removing freckles for you. According to the research, a high content of provitamin A can be transformed into vitamin A in human body. Vitamin A plays an important role in nourishing the skin. In addition, the moderate intake of pea can also help you eliminate tumefaction, stretch your skin and alleviate the wrinkles around your eyes.


Potato contains abundant vitamin B complex, cellulose, trace elements, protein and high-quality starch. These abundant nutrients can effectively help you resist premature aging and prevent diseases. They can also expel the toxins out of your body. A high content of vitamin C plays an important role in whitening your skin. At the same time, the coarse fibers can effectively improve your defecation.


White turnip can provide abundant vitamin C for you. The abundant vitamin C can restrain the synthesis of melanin, stop the oxidation of fat and prevent the accumulation of lipofuscin. Therefore, you can frequently eat white turnip to whiten your skin. What’s more, you can also eat white turnip to improve the digestion, strengthen the appetite, accelerate the gastric and intestinal peristalsis and relieve cough.


Carrot can provide beta-carotene and pectin for the body. According to the research, beta-carotene can effectively resist oxidation, whiten the skin, eliminate extra cutin and stretch the skin. Pectin can integrate with mercury in the body to eliminate the toxins and nourish the skin.


Mushroom can provide abundant nutrients like protein and vitamins for the body. Women can frequently eat mushroom to accelerate the secretion of estrogens, resist premature aging and improve the skin. In addition, the coarse fibers and lignin contained in mushroom can balance the level of water in intestines, absorb excessive cholesterol and sugar and resist the formation of constipation, intestinal cancer, arteriosclerosis and diabetes.


Cucumber is rich in protein, sugar, vitamin B2, vitamin C, vitamin E, carotene, calcium, iron, nicotinic acid and tartronic acid. The abundant nutrients can effectively clean the skin and make the skin become white. What’s more, the acid contained in cucumber can accelerate the metabolism in the body and eliminate the toxins. The content of vitamin C contained in cucumber is five times higher than that in watermelon. The abundant vitamin C can whiten the skin, improve the elasticity and restrain the formation of melanin. In addition, the intake of cucumber is beneficial to the internal organs including lung, heart, liver and stomach. Therefore, you should often eat cucumber in summer to alleviate inflammation.


White gourd is very effective in beautifying the skin. It contains abundant vitamins, trace elements and enzyme. You can often use the pieces of white gourd to clean your face. Thus, the face can be thoroughly cleaned and the chloasma can be effectively alleviated. White gourd is also regarded as a good food to help you lose weight. This is because the tartronic acid contained in white gourd can restrain the transformation of sugar into fat and prevent the accumulation of fat in your body. In addition, trigonelline can accelerate the metabolism in your body, which can also help you lose weight.


In short, the vegetables including pea, potato, white turnip, carrot, mushroom, cucumber and white gourd are all effective in improving your skin. You can increase the intake of these seven kinds of vegetables in your daily life.

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