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Seven Effective Ingredients On Whitening Skin

Seven Effective Ingredients On Whitening Skin

As for women, beauty is women’s lasting desire, and of course white skin is a major part of beauty. So, those skin-whitening cosmetics are always popular with women. Then let us have a look at the effective ingredients on whitening skin.

Tartaric acid is a kind of acid that extracted from fruit, and the best tartaric acid is that extracted from sugar cane, and it is used commonly currently. Its function lies in that it can remove the hyperkeratotic horny layer, stimulate the growth of new cells, and at the same time to remove the facial wrinkles, fade pigment, thus make our skin more soft, white, smooth and elastic.

In the comparative trial, kojic acid has the most marked effect on whitening among those whitening ingredients. Kojic acid is generally extracted from penicillium, aspergillus and other filamentous fungi; it is a kind of cell with toxin. So, it doesn’t widely spread on the market. According to the new research made in Japan, kojic acid may lead to cancer.

Arbutin can reduce the formation of melanin effectively without affecting the concentration of cell proliferation. That is to say its security is relatively high. Arbutin is also called ursin. It has been added to whitening products early in 1989. It has a value in whitening our skin.

Vitamin C is a representative of additives in the early whitening products. It is high in security, but weak in stability. If not protected, it would soon lose its vitality in cream. So, in order to keep it stable, people figured many methods, such as, use the pectin in orange flesh to keep vitamin C’s natural activity, and until it is used to coat on our skin, the pectin is released.

Aloe is used in whitening products due to it has a good function in caring our skin after exposing in the sun. It can mitigate the melanization caused by the stimulation of ultraviolet light. Aloe is an amazing beauty plants that discovered in the last century, it almost has all the function to beautify our skin, such as, preserve moisture, sun-proof, removing beverage, whitening skin, anti-aging, hair care and so on. It is said that aloe juice is the secret that Egyptian Queen used to remain youth and beauty.

The extractive from licorice and mulberry tree can eliminate the slight inflammation caused by the sun. The extractive of licorice is very good in security. And the extractive of licorice and mulberry tree was first developed by the French and it is a new whitening ingredients. And it is effective in whitening skin.

Endothelin distributes uneven in skin, and it is the main cause of stain. Endothelin antagonist can have reaction with the receptor of melanoma cell and make endothelin lose its function, and thus achieve the goal to whitening skin.

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