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Remedies for a Clear Skin

Lots of people want clear skin. Unfortunately, not everyone has the privilege of sporting such fine complexion, especially after the teenager stage where pimples start to break out. This is why there are various products in the market today promising clear complexion that are selling big. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to spend big bucks to get the skin that you want. In fact, there are actually home remedies for clear skin that you can easily make use of. Following are some clear skin tips you might want to adapt.

Use of water One of the most common clear skin tips you’ll find involves water. Whether you drink it or use it to wash your face, you can never have enough water. Make sure that you manage to drink up to eight glasses of water each day to help your body detoxify. Remember that as the biggest organ of the body, the skin is also affected by any toxins you might have so it is important to flush those out as often as you can.

Washing your face before going to bed is also vitally important. In fact, you might be able to skip putting on creams, cleansers and other whatnots, but you must always wash your face before going to sleep. During the night, the dirt left on your skin blocks the pores, preventing them to secrete oils which consequently builds ups and causes pimples. So basically, a clean face means a pimple free face.

Popping Pimples Squeezing pimples should never be done. Except for a few types of pimples that may be popped without any problems, the majority of pimples you encounter must be left alone to die a natural death. Why? This is because the scars caused by popped pimples are much harder to remove than the pimples themselves. Hence, if you don’t want your face to be forever ruined by the remnants of your adolescent acne, then be patient and let them go away on their own.

Toothpaste Another home remedies for clear skin that may sound surprising is the use of toothpastes. Swollen pimples may be applied with this teeth whitening agent prior to sleeping. This removes the swelling of the pimple, thus letting it die faster.

Virgin Coconut Oil When applied on the pimple, virgin coconut oil manages to dry the skin, thus removing the buildup of oil on the surface. It’s actually a very effective method which manages to significantly reduce the swelling of the pimple overnight. When applied to a newly forming pimple, oil can just as easily stop it from growing further. However, oil must only be applied once the face us cleaned by water.

Use of Lemon After removal, some pimples leave behind a dark spot that ruins what would have been a clear complexion. Hence, the use of lemons which is a natural lightening agent on the spot affected. Simply apply the lemon the on dark spot and leave it there for a few minutes. Cucumber may also be used for this.

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