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Perfect Skin Basics

For busy women, leisure is already pre-packed. It could be found in a cup of coffee or in a designer carrier bag. But even with this kind of leisure, stress still seems to find its way into the body. This could lead to aging at an early age especially for young professionals. So even though your job pays very well, if it causes your skin to breakout and your eye bags to puff, then you should take into consideration a much needed break.

Chilling out is different for a lot of people. But for women, it usually boils down to one thing â?? spa. The feeling of relaxation and rejuvenation is just amazing every time you get out of a spa salon. But do you know that with all the available products in the market, you can just grab some bottles of lotion or oils and have your spa at home.

So to help you snap out of the busy life that you are leading, here is a guide to have one heck of “me time” indulging in all the things that your skin needs.


1. Body Scrubs come in a wide variety. They are usually milk salts, oatmeal or ground almonds. Whichever you choose, all of them promise one thing â?? to scrub off dead skin cells. They are sometimes called body buffers or body polish. Most of the time, they look like creams mixed with slat or just about any kind of grainy substance. If you have sensitive skin use ones that have milder grains and don’t overdo the scrubbing.


1. Gel body washes are used after scrubbing the body with exfoliants. You simply squeeze out ample amounts on a loofah or wash cloth and rub it all over your body. You are simply removing the dead skin cells that the exfoliant has scrubbed off.

2. Some soaps are not mild as compared to gel washes. But still, some people choose to use them. Opt for ones that indicate moisturizing factors on their packing. Soaps that have lavender or chamomile scents are more relaxing than any other fragrance.


1. Creams are best used when you need intense moisturizing on your skin. Apply them on rough spots like elbows, knees and feet. Some creams don’t last long, too, because of exposure to air so better throw them away after three months since you opened them.

2. Lotions are best if you just want lots of moisturizing. There are lots of kinds available in the market. If you want to illuminate your skin, you can choose whitening lotions. There are also lotions that work overnight which you will have to apply before you go to bed.

3. Oils are usually applied on still damp skin right after you go out of the shower. Most oils have a smell that could remind you of the beach, which is not exactly relaxing but still smells good. You may also put oil in your bath so that you are being moisturized while taking a bath.

4. Body butters are a just a little bit less dense than creams. They feel luscious once they sink deep down into the skin.