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Overview of Mequinol for Skin Bleaching

Overview of Mequinol for Skin Bleaching

Mequinol is considered as both a derivative and an alternative to hydroquinone. Basically, mequinol has the properties of hydroquinone. If you are not aware of it, hydroquinone is proven to be very effective in skin whitening provided that you use it properly and in the right concentration. Hydroquinone and mequinol can inhibit melanin production, providing a whiter complexion with continued use.

Mequinol is usually formulated including 0.01% of tretinoin, which is also a proven skin whitening agent. Tretinoin is a retinoic acid which works in the same way as mequinol. Mequinol is used in varying concentrations though. The concentration could range from 2 to 20%. Mequinol is actually an approved medication for treating solar lentigines, also known as age spots or liver spots.

In a study conducted by a university in Europe, it was proven that mequinol is very effective in treating solar lentigines in virtually all patients. The demography of the patients that they use widely varies including people of ethnic origin. Mequinol was reported to be clinically effective in the process of inhibiting melanogenesis. This is more so when mequinol is combined with 2% hydroquinone and 0.01% tretinoin. While the researchers reported minor and localized skin irritation when the combination was used, the 2% concentration did not lead to hypopigmentation.

In yet another study, the combination of 2% mequinol and 0.01% tretinoin proved to be equally effective in treating post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation among patients with skin-of-color. The patients used the formulation for 12 weeks, applying it on their faces in a contralateral motion. Topical combination of mequinol and tretinoin showed to be non-inferior where 81 to 85% of the patients had experienced clinical success.

Evidently, mequinol is a clinically proven skin whitening agent. Of course, some people will not be easily convinced to try mequinol based on these studies. Perhaps one reason behind this is that they would think that the patients are guided accordingly particularly when it comes to proper mequinol application. True enough, proper application of any topical skin whitening product will have a bearing on its effectiveness.

This tells us that there is a need to diligently follow the instructions at the product’s label otherwise you will not reap the benefits of any skin whitening product that you will use in the future.

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