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Olay Whitening Cream

Olay is a renowned maker of beauty products for so many years. They are committed to provide you reliable, effective and safe products.

Everyone likes to have a healthy and glowing skin on face free from blemishes. Also, most women like to have a fair skin. The Olay Whitening creams are specially designed for facial use. These creams have mild ingredients for your facial skin care. They prevent irritations, breakouts and rashes. Their whitening effects also appear in a few days and there are no side effects.

There is a wide range of facial whitening products and the Olay Natural White Day Cream is the most popular. It is manufactured to treat hyperpigmentation and keep the skin moisturized. Olay Natural White Day Cream is recommended to be used in combination with other products for faster and better results and they also include Natural White Night and Natural White Cleanser

Olay Natural White Day Cream:

It provides an ideal protection during the day for a normal to dry skin. It has no chemical bleaches. The natural ingredients help skin become milky white. The cream suppresses dark spots, freckles and sun spots. It also serves as the best base for your make up.

Olay Natural White nourishes the skin with its triple nutrient system comprising Vitamin B3, pro-B5 & E and makes it healthy with natural fairness and glow.

It has SPF 24 protection against UV radiations sun and saves the skin from black spots. It also replenishes the natural moisture level in the skin. It also reduces the overall skin tone by limiting melanin transfer. Olay Natural White Skin Cream also accelerates the renewal of skin cells, provides antioxidant protection and makes the skin glow.

You must apply it twice daily after cleansing the face and neck. Take a small amount of cream to massage over your neck and face with a gentle circular movement upward.

Olay Natural White Night Cream:

This Olay whitening cream is also designed like the day cream with a similar triple vitamin constituents to supply the nourishing nutrients to your skin during your sleep. The night cream constitutes the mulberry leaf extract that not only whitens your skin, but it also makes the skin soft. The nutrients work at night and supplement the day cream to make your skin healthier fairer, smoother and glowing.

You must cleanse your face before going to bed and apply the Olay Night cream evenly onto your face and neck like the Day cream.

It also works like Olay Natural Day Whitening Cream reducing the transfer of melanin to the surface of the skin, reduces dark spots, increases renewal of skin cells and gives oxidant protection.

Natural White Healthy Fairness Foaming Cleanser: Before applying Olay Whitening Cream, you need to cleanse and freshen up your skin. It will remove all impurities like dust, dirt, sebum, make up residues and contaminants to give you a clean skin.

You should gently cleanse your skin. Make your face and hands wet. Dispense some cleanser on your hands, add some water and massage your face with foam. Wash the face with water and gently dry it with a clean towel.


Olay Natural Whitening Cream soothes out easily on the face. It is very light, smooth and silky and makes the skin soft. The fragrance is very mild. You can use it as an ideal base for your make up. It gives very encouraging results soon and removes the blemishes from the skin and makes it look fair and healthy. The SF24 content gives you extra protection like a sunscreen. You need a very small quantity to apply.

The Olay Whitening Cream is really a useful product.

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