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New Teeth Whitening Treatment

New Teeth Whitening Treatment

Every body likes sparkling white teeth. Unfortunately age catches up with the whiteness of the teeth along with other factors such as graying of hair or wrinkling of the skin. So why do teeth become discolored or stained? Since the outermost enamel layer of the teeth has many microscopic pores, food particles, artificial food color and natural discoloring agents such as tobacco enter the pore over long years and cause discoloration.

Natural ways of Teeth Whitening

While prevention is better than cure and certain precautions can delay teeth staining for a certain time, age does catch up some time sooner or later and teeth whitening has to be resorted to so that you have that sparkling smile always.

Some of the natural ways of Teeth whiteningare:

• Rinse your mouth thoroughly every time after eating.

• If you chew tobacco or smoke regularly, rinse your mouth with water containing juice of a lemon at least twice a day.

• Smokers must brush their teeth at least thrice a day with a teeth whitening tooth paste.

• A dilute solution of hydrogen peroxide can be used as a mouth wash especially by smokers.

In spite of taking all due care, many times staining of teeth still occurs due to a host of reasons such as consuming certain antibiotics or lack of vitamins D and A etc. Staining due to use of antibiotics usually fades away and there is no real effort for teeth whitening required in this case. Consuming a balanced diet to counter the effects of lack of vitamins and minerals is a good way to keep teeth naturally white.

In case all precautions and natural teeth whitening methods fail, it is a good idea to visit your dentist for a cleaning and teeth whitening treatment. Your dentist can help you get you back the white teeth you have longed for by some simple teeth whitening treatment or in worst cases can also recommend laser teeth whitening which is certainly useful to restore white teeth.

Laser teeth whitening is a painless and sure-shot method of getting white teeth that is now available with most good dentists. No harmful chemical is used in laser teeth whitening since laser is used to remove the cause of staining. Hence, laser teeth whitening treatment causes least damage to the enamel of the teeth. However, care should be taken to see that the equipment used for laser teeth whitening is of good quality and the dentist who is doing the laser teeth whitening routine is well-trained and experienced to conduct it.

New developments in medicine and dentistry are bringing us closer to the perfect set of teeth; however, discretion should be exercised as to the method of teeth whitening; physical, chemical or laser teeth whitening so that there is no damage to your teeth.


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