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Natural treatments to get rid of colored skin spots

How brown spots appear?

Medical called “melasma”, these spots are caused by a benign disorder of melanocytes cells (responsible for pigmentation). Also, the shoulders and the neck are sometimes affected.
Brown spots are caused by the combination of several factors: hypersensitivity to sunlight, hormonal disorders (result of increased melanin production under the control of sex hormones), pregnancy, taking birth control pills. Melasma is found commonly among pregnant women, so it is also called “the mask of pregnancy” or chloasma. Medications used to treat epilepsy, certain cosmetics, liver or endocrine disorders are melasma triggers.

Spots on the face are among the most disturbing feminine aesthetic problems and are arising from various causes, from hormonal disorders and overexposure to the sun, to specific signs of aging skin. Fortunately, you can soften the appearance of spots at home, using creams and effective natural treatments.

Whatever the cause, you can greatly reduce pigmentation image with natural treatments easier to apply in your own privacy. Get rid of blemishes and even freckles on the face by natural remedies without side effects!

1. Lemon juice – A simple and affordable practice for anyone to mitigate the unaesthetic skin pigmentation is to apply lemon juice directly on the affected areas (with your finger or a cotton pad). If you have oily skin, then mix lemon juice with 3 tablespoons of rosemary infusion. Spots will gradually disappear and your face will be fresh by removing excess sebum.

2. Heated hone y- Mix 2-3 tablespoons of honey gently heated with 20 grams of wheat germ and apply mask directly on the face, especially on the parts affected. Leave the mixture to act for 20 minutes and rinse your face with warm water a few seconds, then with cold water. Your skin will be less irritated by the action of wheat and stains will fade thanks to the beneficial properties of honey.

3. Horseradish – Another excellent natural ingredient for facial pigmentation issues is horseradish. Horseradish juice or vinegar get rid of spots and fade freckles. Gently dab interest areas after cleansing, and then rinse your face thoroughly with water.

4. Celandine is a plant with great healing properties, especially for the skin. Infusions or ointments of celandine help alleviate stains and even treat warts if you use twice a day for 5-6 days.

5. Olive oil – If your skin is dry and sensitive, you can get rid of stains, hydrating your skin at the same time. Simply coat with olive oil mixed with a few drops of vitamin E in the affected areas every night before bed.

6. Yeast – Get rid of spots and freckles with a natural mask of yeast diluted in lemon juice. Resulting paste, lying on affected areas do wonders!

7. Red onion – If you can get over the smell, use onions for your beauty. Cut a red onion in half and apply it directly on the stain, twice a day. Continue treatment until signs disappear completely. Same vegetable can be inserted into another effective treatment for stained face – dab your face with a lotion prepared from vinegar and 2-3 teaspoons of grated onion, morning and evening.

You can also use exfoliation. Topical creams or peeling bring satisfactory results, especially in people with fair skin. Whether it is sunshine or cloudy outside, you should protect your face with a moisturizer with SPF, but also must use a foundation with SPF appropriate for your skin type.

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