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Modern Man – Man Bags, Teeth Whitening and Botox!

A few years ago you would have laughed if you saw Men walking round with a bag over their shoulder or considering teeth whitening but today things have moved and the modern man spends a lot of time of himself and grooming as it becomes the standard.

It was always the women that the big cosmetic companies and fashion labels were targeting but today the market for fashion, male grooming, cosmetic treatments and much is aiming at the men to look and feel great.

Men are spending a lot more time in the gym, keeping fit and taking care of themselves where a few years ago probably spent more of that free time in the local public house drinking beer. Men need to keep up with the female species and this takes time and care and in this article we look at some of the things that men are buying to ensures that happens:

Male Grooming Products

Now this industry has become a multi million pound money making machine with the men buying shaving gels, after shaves, facial creams, skin lotions and just about everything to keep us looking and feeling good. Big organisations like loreal and Dove have recently launched mens ranges which are designed to keep the skin wrinkle free.

Fitness Equipment

We have gone high tech with fitness equipment as the men love gadgets and a couple of great examples is the Nike and ipod/iphone connector which measures how far and fast you have run and keeps the results logged on the apple devices so you can sync them to your own personal online log chart. Another great device is the heart rate monitor which calculates how many calories you have burnt and again syncs to a PC. Other devices include gps systems which fit on bikes so when you are mountaineering there is no chance of getting lost.

Man Bags

The modern man loves his man bag. Whether it is to carry his lunch to work or laptop so why not get a stylish bag from companies like Storm London, Fossil or even high end brands like Gucci or Prada. So many top brands cater making bags for men and these range from small to the larger styles with leather being the latest look and messenger bags being the most popular style.

Teeth Whitening

No point in the face and body looking and smelling good if the smile is let down with yellowing coloured teeth! Laser teeth whitening is popular because of the success rates and the fact it only takes one hour to perform which is perfect for the time precious man who wants whiter teeth!

Cosmetic Surgery

Now this can be ranging from simple botox to help remove lines from around the eyes or forehead right up to more expensive treatments like tummy tucks or liposuction. For some men who simply do not want to go to the gym to lose weight this can be a fast way of correcting years of over indulgence.


So things have changed and the modern man is investing time and money to stay ahead of the game!

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