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Making us Look Great Above the Shoulders!

Having a great looking face, hair and teeth as well as having nice skin will make you look and feel great as well as making you look younger in the process.

So when we are looking to enhance ourselves we generally will focus on the upper region as this gets more attention than anywhere else.

The different elements to consider:

Hair – having the latest colour and style is probably one of the biggest benefactors and can make a big difference to the look. For women the options can include hair extensions or even hair straightening will make you look younger and different. Fashion magazines and the TV have a big influence on people’s choice in styles and this drives styles and trends as people want to follow and copy a style.

Skin – this can range from simple gels and lotions to improve colour and texture right through to skin peels and more advanced cosmetic systems being developed as people want to maintain or change their skin but without compromising their long term skin.

Cosmetic treatments – these include things like botox and skin peels which can enhance the features of the face and remove wrinkles tend to be the most commonly used reason for embarking on these type of treatments. They can cost quite a bit of money and do not last forever but many people continue to use cosmetic face treatments to make themselves look and feel good.

Tanning – this is an area of great debate at the moment in the UK as the governing bodies and skin cancer organisations try and restrict the use of sunbeds for younger people and restrict the amount of times these are used on a regular basis. This article is not to debate that argument one way or the other but whether it is the use of UVA sunbeds, fake tanning lotions or simply going out in the sun and getting a great tan on the face can make us look great and more healthy.

Teeth whitening – this can range from basic home kits right through to advanced whitening systems like laser whitening or zoom whitening. These teeth whitening methods are common because they offer instant whiteness in just one hour and one treatment and having brighter whiter teeth can greatly enhance your smile and make you look younger. Removing horrible yellow or brown stains in what teeth whitening will look to achieve.

Cosmetic dentistry – this more recently has become something people are going abroad to achieve and find a new smile but why? In the UK we have some of the best cosmetic dentists in the world and I agree this might cost a bit more than going outside the UK but why take the risk? Having veneers is very popular treatment as these offer a consistent whiteness and evenness to the teeth which is worth spending the money if your natural teeth are not straight and white.


Having a great looking hair, face, skin and teeth will only make you look and feel great so why not treat yourself today!

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