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Look at Ingredients Before Using a Skin Whitening Cream

Many people look for a skin whitening cream because they don’t like freckles or brown spots on their skin. Also known as liver spots,  brown spots are often caused by too much exposure to the sun and have nothing to do with the liver. Most freckles occur on the face, shoulders, hands and arms as they are the areas that are mostly exposed especially during warm weather.

Pros of Skin Lighten Creams

People who want to use a face whitening or bleaching cream are looking for a way to rid themselves of freckles or dark spots that make them feel unattractive having a profound effect on their self-esteem and confidence. They are looking for a skin lighten cream that will diminish those darker areas of the skin and make them go away. The good news is that the skin bleaching cream will reduce these dark spots and your skin will lighten so that it is much more evenly toned. Skin whitening creams will also soften the skin and make it smoother and can be an anti-aging treatment as well because it is know that it often reduce fine lines and wrinkles so that these visible signs of aging diminish along with those freckles. Your skin will become more uniform in color over time. A bleaching cream usually takes approximately two to three weeks to show any positive results as it will be gradual but you will definitely see an improvement in ridding your skin of those brown spots or freckles.

Cons of Skin Whitening Creams

One ingredient often found in a bleaching cream is hydroquinone that is a controversial substance that is banned in Europe and Japan and highly regulated in the United States and Canada. It was banned because of its risks associated with cancer and other types of damage to the skin. Mercury is another substance which is sometimes found in skin lighten creams and can potentially be damaging to the kidney, brain and nerves. Some skin care products contain hydroquinone and mercury. Over use of bleaching cream can also be harmful to your skin. It can be used safely occasionally but regular prolonged use can cause acne, osteoporosis and muscle weakness. Your skin can also become darker with regular use making freckles or other dark spots even darker and more visible. Your skin also can become very thin making it fragile and causing stretch marks. Still others develop allergic reactions to skin lighten creams. A skin whitening cream is more costly than homemade remedies for sure so it might be prudent to try one of those first. What should you do?

With many skin care products on the market, it is imperative that you choose one that is effective and that will not harm your skin. Ageless Derma Aging Skin Brightener Cream is one that is reliable and known to work well without adverse effects. It can be found at many retail stores and online. You should always seek advice from a dermatologist or a skin care professional about skin care products especially one that is so important to your appearance. Do not try any bleaching cream before you consult with an expert who can advise you on what product to use and how to use it. That is why it is so important to understand what you are using and how you are using it. It is recommended that you follow the guidance of a dermatologist or professional skin care specialist.

Dr. Farid Mostamand founder of Focus Medical Spa and author of Ageless Skin obsession has first-hand experience with the most effective non-invasive anti aging skin care treatments. Check out our sites and learn more about Lierac and lierac skin care

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