Lightening Cream for Black Skin – RX for Brown Skin

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Stepin Fetchit sounding a lot like a rapper. Check out how he uses the phrase “Sock it to me” (which was made popular in the late 60’s by Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In). This is a clip from 1945’s “Big Timers”. The All American Girl Band is also featured. Stepin Fetchit (born Lincoln Perry), the first black actor to become a millionaire (although he declared bankruptcy in 1947, two years after this particular film was released). He remains one of the most controversial actors in American history to this day. ‘When all the Negroes was bleaching their skin, conking their hair and trying to be white, I was sayin’ black was beautiful. ME.’ -Lincoln Perry

Lightening Cream for Black Skin - RX for Brown Skin
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27 Responses to “Lightening Cream for Black Skin – RX for Brown Skin”

  1. ThePocahontas225 Says:

    I think this is a bleach skin cream because not once in the commercial did they say anything about acne . WOW! I honestly can’t believe a commercial like this is being made.

  2. jennymartha Says:

    is this a lightening cream or a brightening cream?

  3. Musicmellow Says:

    He was not the first rapper .. check out Louis Jordon .. 3 years before..

  4. LoreneFaith Says:

    Thank you! and yes, cmon Spike Lee!

  5. itchytasty77 Says:

    1. Dylan
    2. Dylan
    5.Lincoln Perry

  6. BasementFlow Says:


  7. SoloWingpixy91 Says:

    so as the rap gets faster, the pants get lower?

  8. FindRealHipHop Says:

    Rap has been around since the 15th century. Look up “Flyting”.

  9. loughran03 Says:

    an embarrasment.

  10. lenoxbred Says:

    I heard perry was highly literate. I want to see a clip of that. I’m still looking. The reason I’m on a hunt right now is because I was watching in living color and David Alan grier plays the old blues singer and he says he knew all the greats. He names stepin fetchit and says he spoke like a white man. He kept repeating that like it was unbelievable and the audience laughed like it was an inside joke.

  11. honeegrrl Says:

    Lincoln Perry was the highest paid black actor in Hollywood, I was watching a documentary called Mo Funny, Black Comedy In America, and according the documentary, he make something like $1800 per week and back then that was a lot of money.

  12. xPriestly Says:

    LOL !
    This guy is awesome !!!
    ” Bernard don’t let your big head get hard. ” xD

  13. noseyasalways Says:

    I remember watching this back in the 80’s when I was a child. I never knew the name of the show till now.


    That…makes him black. Not AMERICAN black, but black nonetheless.

  15. indure08 Says:

    Will do so…thanks!

  16. LoreneFaith Says:

    @erakuhh The first!

  17. LoreneFaith Says:

    Indeed he was! And he did it with class. He even had a pink Cadillac.

  18. TheMunroe10 Says:

    He spits hot fire. The first rapper of all time.

  19. Miss Stang Says:

    I respect your thoughts but how one defines him or herself is very personal in this day and age. I grew up in an era before the “label” became African-American. I’m fine being black and I don’t need other people to recognize if I have a country or not, as long as I recognize who I am, where I’m from, where I’ve been and where I’m going…it works.

  20. ultrakool Says:

    Hey, you know what they say: see a broad to get dat booty yak ‘em…leg ‘er down a smack ‘em yak ‘em!

  21. Abudu1956 Says:

    , No one is black hangin. To be black means u have no country. There is no country named black. We are Africans in America just like Caucasians from Africa are the same. By Caucasian or the American society Lincoln Perry was what defined as a black man when he was alive. He lived like African Americans, he faced the same stereotyping we faced, the same racism and he even defined himself the same way all other African Americans defined themselves during his time as a black man.

  22. gregwi562 Says:

    No great revelation to me since my parents and grandparents lived under it. But that question was directed at the poster in the thread.

  23. researchsiempre Says:

    jim crow segregation/discriminqation only legally ended 40 something years ago–so yes many alive today have ‘been through’ jim crow.

  24. Patavinity Says:

    Ummm West Indians are black

  25. akthemoor Says:

    are ppl actually commenting on here as if this jigaboo was a black hero or icon? Wow no wonder blacks can’t get anywhere nowadays. He was a puppet and tool for the very same black brainwash that is happening today. Yes boss, yesa masa! How sad is that.

  26. Firelogger Says:

    She was the first African American to win an Oscar.

  27. rdsweet Says:

    thanks for making my point. Until we have walked in these folks shoes anything negative is insane to say. I have parents that have been through and a sister that was at the apex of school integration. Judgement is for those who have not been through it.