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Learn More about Different Beauty Treatments Available In the Indian Market

Burnout is a state of physical, mental, and emotional exhaustion usually caused by excessive stress. Burnout often gives rise to the feeling of helplessness and disgust. In addition it also results in reduced productivity. Prolonged stress makes you feel overloaded, bored and unappreciated. The physical symptoms and signs of burnout are change in sleeping habits as well as appetite, frequent headaches, back pain and muscle aches. You will feel tired and sick all the time. Burnout often results in loss of motivation and decreased satisfaction. You will gradually develop feeling of disengagement and detachment as well as a negative and cynical outlook. Increased feeling of frustration will pull down your level of performance. However adequate sleep, meditation or yoga, music therapy and message treatment can help you fight your burnouts signs and restore balance in your life.

Massage therapy increases blood circulation, supplies nutrients to the different parts of our body and facilitates removal of toxic elements as well as wastes from our body. Massage oils plays an important role in enriching your mind and body naturally. Massage treatment results in better flexibility of the muscles, ‘improved mental awareness’ and ‘improved energy flow’. It also rejuvenates your mind refreshes your senses. Massage oils are effective in reducing inflammation and emotional release.

Massage your shoulders, neck, feet, legs as well as your scalp with Stress guard massage oil; a quality product available at health-shoppe.com for just 15 min every day and experience the difference. It is an herbal blend of Orange oil, Lavender oil, Safed Chandan oil and Basil oil having antibacterial properties. It relieves migraine pain by releasing amino acids, endorphins that in turn works as natural painkiller. It relaxes and softens tired, injured, and overused muscles. This powerful ally helps in improving circulation by pumping nutrients and oxygen into the vital organs and tissues of your body. Research shows that massaging helps in treating neurological disorders, chronic diseases and injuries.

Aroma oils comprises of oil for different skin types. Application of oil for acne provides protection against acne, pimple, thus ensuring you clear skin. Oil for dry skin is an aromatic preparation that helps in keeping your dry skin soft and supple, as it contains many essential oils. This oil will help you maintain healthy and glowing skin. Oil for pigmentation helps in diminishing black patches and pigmentation on your face or other parts of the body. Oil for Normal skin is a fragrant essential oil that provides nourishment to the undernourished skin and helps in sustaining a healthy glow. Bath Soak-O acts as a de-toxifier. Key ingredients of this ‘gorgeous bath salt’ are ‘sea-salt exfoliate’ and cleanser. Regular application of ‘Bath Soak-O’ followed by gentle massage will help you to maintain a younger looking skin. Regular application of oil for hair loss on your scalp will prove to be effective in preventing hair fall. It also encourages growth of new hair. Beside these oil for relaxations and oil for rejuvenation will provide relief to the tense muscles of your body and produce a calming effect.

A large variety of facial kits like Gold facial kit, Grape facial kit, fruit facial kit, Pearl facial kit, Party kit, Saffron facial kit, and Skin whitening facial kit, are available at health-shoppe.com at a reasonable price. Take into account your distinct skincare needs, skin condition (acne, aging, sensitive skin, undernourished, sun damaged), and skin type (oily, dry, normal or combination) before purchasing a facial kit. Monthly facial treatment will lead to a radiant, firmer, and revitalized skin. It also helps in releasing tension and provides relief from sinus congestion, stress and migraine.

A facial treatment is designed to deep-clean your skin by removing oil, surface dirt, bacteria and dead surface skin cells. Facial helps in reducing overabundance of sebum, which is a natural skin lubricating agent. Overproduction of sebum causes various skin problems such as blackheads, pimples, and acne. Facial massage simulates blood circulation and increases flow of ‘oxygen enriched blood’ to the facial skin cells. This increased supply of blood to the facial skin layers will plump your skin cells with water and other vital nutrients like vitamins and minerals. Facial treatment will rehydrate your skin and encourage growth of new skin cells that are essential for healthy as well as youthful appearance. Facial massage treatments involving cutting edge technologies like IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) treatment or laser treatment will not only slow down your skin aging process but also help in improving your skin tone. Facial treatment on a regular basis is the key to a soft, supple, radiant and even toned skin.

Herbal beauty care products play an important part in ameliorating the quality of your skin & hair. These products are also effective in preserving your body’s natural beauty and in preventing signs of premature aging. Moisturizers will prevent excessive drying and keep your skin supple and smooth. Body wash and soaps, are effective in removing sweat, and dirt. They also revitalize your skin by exfoliating the ‘dead skin cells’. Deodorant prevents bad body odor by eliminating bacteria from your body. It is also effective in preventing excessive sweating. While buying you need to make sure that your deodorant contains mineral salts and baking powder, as these two agents are very effective in combating body odor.

Incorporation of herbal hair care products into your beauty routine and their regular usage will promote ‘healthy’ & total growth of your hair. Like any other organs of your body your hair roots also require nourishment so as to sustain normal functioning. These ‘hair care’ products will hydrate your hair and make them shinny and soft. Natural hair care products rich in hair vitamins and minerals will help your hair grow faster and as they contain natural preservatives like ‘grape seed extract’ they are free of any side effects. Harsh chemicals or artificial colors can cause breakouts, redness and irritation.

Application of foot care products like Blister Clear Gel Plaster, Fresh Step Antiperspirant, Gel Arc Support Pair, will keep your feet fresh and dry by eliminating bacteria, and dirt that causes foot odor. Exfoliation of ‘dead skin cells’ from your feet will encourage growth of new skin cell and also prevent nail diseases and disorder. This is essential as accumulation of these cells causes bunions. Foot massage will increase blood circulation in your feet and calves which in turn will reduce foot pain. Spa therapy provides relief from tensions, and body aches.

Spa therapy will provide you with the much needed relaxation after a hectic schedule from all your tensions, body aches. Apart from distressing you spa treatments also play an important role in curing different diseases and revitalization of your body. Effective bath and spa treatment will help you to get rid of your extra pound and control signs of aging. Spa treatment is effective in soothing your painful muscles, sunburned skin, removing hypertension, and in lowering diastolic blood pressure. Spa treatment not only facilitates elimination of toxic retention from your body but also restores your energy and vitality.

Ananya Roy is an aroma therapist. She writes for some famous beauty magazines. In this article she highlights how massage therapy involving the use of massage oils and aroma oils will help you to relax.

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