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Is Skin Bleaching Cream Right for Me?

Is Skin Bleaching Cream Right for Me?

Skin bleaching cream is rising in popularity around the world. In fact, the Global Industry Analysts predict ten billion people will be using skin bleaching cream by 2015. This growing market has many men and women wondering if this cosmetic cream is the right answer for their skin problems.

Skin bleaching creams are used to help remove skin blemishes, including age spots and sun damage. These creams are less invasive than laser surgery and should be tried before surgery is considered for age spots or small areas of discoloration. Creams should only be used on a small part of the body that needs to be lightened. The cream cannot discern between skin that is normal and skin that needs to be lightened, it just lightens everything. This can leave clients with patches of skin that are lighter than normal – and bigger problems than when they started. For people looking to lighten the skin on a large part or all of their body, skin bleaching cream is not the answer. Using too much of the cream cause the body to absorb dangerous toxins.

It is vital to follow the directions provided with the skin bleaching cream. Failure to follow directions can cause a client to be dissatisfied with the final result. One of the most important directions is the amount of time you are advised to use the cream. It is only approved for temporary use – generally two to four weeks. Again, skin bleaching cream should only be used to treat problem spots and not the entire body.

Very rarely, a client will experience an allergic reaction to skin bleaching cream. These reactions include severe burning and itching, and occur as soon as the product is applied. Some burning is associated with skin bleaching cream, but an allergic reaction will be relentless and intolerable. If this occurs, the client should wash off the cream immediately and seek medical attention. Redness and other side effects associated with an allergic reaction should disappear within a few days.

Clients should reduce their exposure to the sun while using skin bleaching cream. The cream will make a client’s skin hypersensitive to the sun, tanning beds and sun lamps. UV rays interact with the cream and make the skin darken. Clients should wear protective clothing and sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher while bleaching their skin.  

Limiting exposure to peroxide is also important. Benzoyl peroxide and hydrogen peroxide should not be used in conjunction with skin bleaching creams, as it will cause the skin to darken.

Uneven skin coloration can impact everyone – regardless of age, gender, skin type or ethnic background. Whether the problem was caused by overexposure to the sun, hormonal changes, interactions with medicines or just the remnants of old blemishes, skin bleaching cream may be the answer to your skin woes.

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