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Is It OK to Lighten My Skin Colour?

Is It OK to Lighten My Skin Colour?

People in this day and age, have in general, more freedom than ever before, and that includes freedom of expression. A person likes to look attractive in order to boost their self-confidence, to be popular and well liked amongst peer groups, to help get a job, and of course to find a mate or partner in life.


Part of looking good, indeed probably the major part, is having a likeable and attractive face, and an important part of this is skin colour. The notion of what constitutes an attractive skin colour has differed over the years and in different parts of the world, because of course, different peoples have differing amounts of pigment naturally.


In the courts of Europe in the middle ages, the essence of beauty was seen as the palest colour skin that had hardly ever seen the light of day. In Britain where sunshine is scarce the pale “English Rose” complexion was most revered until the early 1960s when people there began to go abroad for their holidays, and a tanned, brown skin became fashionable as a staus symbol. A tanned skin is still seen by many Northern Europeans as being attractive and the sales figures of artificial tanning lotions have never been higher.


In Middle Eastern countries where darker skin colour is the norm, an even brown skin colour has for centuries been regarded as ideal, and the epitome of the young nubile. Arguably, it is only since the advent of advertising on worldwide television and the internet, that many Asian and African peoples have been persuaded to try to emulate the lighter skins of Western countries.


A darker skin has been the subject of prejudice in history, associated with slavery in some countries, or even just with people of lower class. The “rednecks” of America were simply good, honest people who worked outdoors, and it was not right that this term should have been used in a disparaging way.

These days, fortunately, most people agree that we can be what we want to be and look like we want to look. If we wish our face to look either lighter, or darker, it is entirely our own concern, and our own freedom of expression.


It is, however, in practical terms, somewhat more difficult to lighten skin than darken it, and one needs to be careful about the process or methods employed. There is no doubt that exposure to sunlight stimulates melanin production and tends to darken skin, so if you wish to avoid this you must avoid the sun or use a daily sunscreen of good strength.


It is possible, using reputable creams or lotions to gradually lighten the skin colour, but it does take time, and, one needs to be careful to avoid any chemicals that could be injurious or harmful. There are some products that contain natural substances like Arbutin that can reduce melanin production and lighten skin tone. By using safe products you can achieve the skin tone you desire.

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