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How Glutax 9gs Contengono EGF Signature 9000mg effects on skin?

This amazing skin fairness injection not only fairs up the skin, but also makes the skin super smooth, shiny and youthful. Presence of Glutathione along with Lipoic acid, Ascorbic acid, EGF and collagen have collectively made this possible.

Advantages of skin whitening injections:

1. They replenish any types of common skin problems from the core. So, the users will not face the problems, like pimples, acne, blackheads, blemishes, etc. any more.
2. People mostly use it to lighten their skin complexion. The best skin whitening products make the skin fair and bright within a few weeks. The injections effectively stop hyperpigmentation, which is the primary reason behind the dull look of the skin.
3. Skin whitening injections also eliminate all types of aging symptoms, like wrinkled skin, fine lines, and loose skin.
4. Skin whitening injections also protects the skin from UV radiation. Overexposure to UV rays may cause many problems, including skin cancer, but an effective skin whitening injection can reduce the risk of such issues.

Below mentioned are the major ingredients present in this wonderful skin whitening injection.

1. Glutathione- 9000mg
2. Lipoic Acid- 300mg
3. Ascorbic Acid 2000mg
4. Collagen Extract 400mg
5. Epidermal Growth Factor- 1250mg
6. Vitamin E- 400mg
7. Pro-vitamin B3- 200mg
8. Pro-Vitamin B5- 200mg

Glutathione is called mother of all antioxidants. It makes the entire body, along with the skin fresh, free from excess melanin and pigmentation and wrinkles. Other ingredients also have their respective effects on skin and immunity system. Thus, Glutax 9gs Contegono EGF Signature gives the desired complexion from within.

Effect on the skin:

1. It makes the skin free from wrinkles and fine lines. Thus the skin looks younger and fresh.
2. Reduces melanin concentration and pigmentation, thus skin looks brighter, fairer and younger.
3. Reduces acne and pimples permanently. Works effectively to reduce blemishes.

Other effects:

1. Enhances brain capacity. Increases memory and concentration.
2. Enhances body immunity.
3. Liver, kidney and heart remains highly functional.


Willing individuals can take one ampoule weekly for a period of maximum two months. After getting the desired result the dosages could be reduced to one to two injections per month.


This product is not suitable for pregnant women, mothers still breastfeeding, people allergenic to vitamins and cardiovascular patients.

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