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Effects Of Skin Whitening


In terms of skin whitening there are many brands of soaps, creams and other kinds of brands who promise to make you skin beautiful glowing and especially make your skin white. Why are very in demand today. Most in Asian who have brown complexion are dreaming to have a great white skin.

One of the best seller here is a substance we what they call is Glutathione; it is like a miracle pill for the people who wishes to be like snow white. The people buy it not because it can protect the liver but because of the side effect it will give. The side effect seems like it will make your skin more beautiful and attractive. Yes there are some cases that they become successful in terms of making their skin white and supple, the question is, is it safe to use glutathione? If you buy a genuine one. Yes I can say it is. But because this become popular and it sells like a hot cake. There is now a fake brand coming out from the market. These are the imitation or pirated.

Dermatologist said that glutathione intention is not for skin whitening but it is really for the liver and others can get the side effect of becoming white because they overdose it. Some become white but others had no effect on them. Just like other fad glutathione are now all over the country, there are also in soap and other creams for skin whitening which I am confused because it said that it is only achieve the whitening effect of glutathione because of the side effect of overdosing the substance so what is the relevance in putting glutathione in soap or in creams.?

According to Dr. Jimmy Guttmann Md. that glutathione is a substance that already in our body it’s just that we don’t know how to race glutathione level. He also says that if we only remember the 3 things using the acronym AID they can understand the tremendous impact in so many different Pathologists. The A stands for antioxidant me immune system booster and D- detoxifier or detoxification. Those are the thing we can get from glutathione. There a so many articles written about it but I think there are still people doesn’t know.

In study the more glutathione you have in your system the longer you will leave. Which means here people who are overdosing it and is possible for them to live longer, but the problem is how we can tell if the glutathione is genuine. There are now fake glutathione. They are fake because the content of glutathione is less than what it should be. You can buy it online and others on the drugstore but others only both it from anonymous people who sells it. The most probably safe to get it from the reputable drugstore. Hard headed people still buy it from people who are not legitimate distributor even their life is at stake. They still try it, because they sell it on cheaper prize compared to reputable drug store.

However people still don’t mind how will be the effect and how much will it cost as long as they will still try it, just have a great white skin.