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Cheap Ways to Chuck Out Body Odor

Sweating is normal. It’s the body’s natural way of secreting toxic substances and waste products that are no longer needed and can be harmful. However, there are people who not only sweat, they also have body odor. Is body odor normal? Body odor signifies that your perspiration has come in contact with bacteria, making you and your skin emit an unpleasant odor. This can be embarrassing especially when you are out to meet people. Not all people who have body odor know that they do. The good news is you need not purchase expensive products just to make yourself odor-free. It can be achieved by certain tweaks with your hygiene practices and home remedies.

When you notice that you do not sweat excessively yet have body odor, deodorants might work for you. Deodorants are available at drugstores and grocery stores, with different variants to choose from. These products contain alcohol which makes it hard for the bacteria to grow because it makes the area acidic. There are deodorants which are unscented and there are those with scents. Some deodorants even have skin whitening components and there are those which are intended for sensitive skin.

People who sweat excessively may find it hard to be in front of crowds for fear that their sweat may be seen marking in their shirts, especially the area near their armpits. For people who sweat excessively, antiperspirants may be helpful. These antiperspirants contain alum which prevents the skin from secreting too much sweat. The effect is temporary and you may have to reapply several times a day.

There are also product in the markets which combine deodorants and antiperspirants. This will help you prevent excessive sweating and give your skin a scent which can mask or eliminate body odor.

Aside from using these products, certain hygiene practices can also help you get rid of your body odor. Always make it a point to take a bath everyday and use soap which is specially formulated to get rid of germs and bacteria. During warm weather when people tend to sweat a lot, it is recommended to bath twice, in the morning and before sleeping at night to get rid of the bacteria that have build up in your body through the day.

Dry yourself thoroughly before putting on your clothes, socks and shoes. A damp environment is conducive for bacterial growth. Choose clothes and footwear which promote proper ventilation of air. When you have the tendency to sweat excessively, bring extra clothes and socks to your school or workplace.

Certain foods and beverages also contribute to body odor. Foods with strong smells such as garlic and onion and beverages such as coffee and other caffeinated drinks can cause you to have this condition. Consume these products in moderation if you cannot completely avoid it.

When you have tried on deodorants, antiperspirants and lifestyle changes, but still notice that your body odor was not eliminated, you can visit a doctor. The doctor will then perform physical assessment and series of laboratory tests to find out if there are underlying medical conditions causing you to have body odor.

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