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Anal Bleaching? Vaginal Bleaching? Do People Really Lighten These Areas?

Anal Bleaching, Vaginal Bleaching, Nipple Bleaching, Genital Bleaching and Underarm Bleaching – if it is on your body it can be lightened. Don’t believe me? When you are done reading this article, do a search for any of these phrases and you will find a variety of products to choose from as well as a large amount of reviews from consumers who have purchased and used skin bleaching creams on the most sensitive areas on their body.

The reality is that we live in a world that strives for perfection. Don’t like your dark hair? Bleach it. Don’t like your nose? Make an appointment with your local plastic surgeon. Think your anus or vagina is too dark? Buy an anal bleaching or vaginal bleaching cream and have it delivered right to your door in an unmarked package so your neighbors won’t know that you just bought an anal bleach cream or gel off the internet. While you may think that cosmetic procedures have gotten out of control, consider this: at no other time in history has mankind had as much control of their body as they do at this very moment. The average lifespan is longer, we have learned more about what food and medicine is good for us and what is bad, and thankfully we have more control than ever over the way we look.

With regards to anal bleaching and vaginal bleaching, we have also learned that some ingredients are dangerous and should not be used on sensitive areas of the skin or in fact anywhere on the body for that matter. I am talking about one specific ingredient: Hydroquinone. If you plan to use anal bleach, vagina bleach, or any other kind of skin bleaching cream, do not use it if it contains Hydroquinone. If you think I am being paranoid due to the fact that America still allows the sale of products that contain this ingredient, why would countries like Japan, England, and France in addition to others completely ban the use of the chemical.

Instead, search for an anal bleaching cream that uses a safe skin lightening ingredient: Alpha Arbutin. Numerous studies have been performed on this ingredient proving it to be a safe and effective way to lighten skin including on sensitive areas of the skin.

Another effective ingredient used in anal bleaching, vaginal bleaching or any other intimate area bleaching cream is Kojic Acid. While some companies claim that this ingredient is dangerous, the truth is it isn’t. In fact, the word Kojic is what the Japanese use to describe certain kinds of fungi (mushrooms, etc.). Kojic Acid is a natural ingredient and is derived following the fermentation of rice. The Japanese have used this ingredient for years to lighten their skin in addition to applying it to fruit so that it will retain its color. To be clear, Kojic Acid is safe and effective and is an important ingredient to look for in a vaginal or anal bleaching cream.

In conclusion, yes people really do purchase and use anal bleach, vaginal bleach, as well as a variety of other skin bleaching creams. This may seem strange to you, but I am sure the first woman to bleach her hair was considered “strange”. People will do what they want to do and I hope that this article has helped you learn the difference between a dangerous anal bleaching cream and a safe anal bleach cream.

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