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Alpha-Arbutin for Skin Whitening

Alpha-Arbutin is considered a cheaper over-the-counter alternative to lightening treatments such as hydroquinone and d-kojic. The said medications can help lighten the skin tone and reduce dark spots in the process. Alpha-Arbutin also helps reduce skin darkening, targeting its root source by hindering the production of the enzyme tyrosinase. This enzyme triggers the production of melanin which is responsible for causing the brown pigmentation of the skin. The results of using Alpha-Arbutin are usually visible after using the product continuously for two to three month.


The active ingredient has elements that make it different from prescription skin lightening products. Even if Alpha – Arbutin is treated like a synthetic compound, its sources main components actually include plants like duckweed (a weed from Canada) and bearberry (a bush from mountainous regions of the US and the Northern Hemisphere).

Alpha-Arbutin has a white powdery characteristic that is water soluble and is capable to withstand pH ranges from 3.5 to 6.5. When used in lotion formulations, administering one percent of Alpha Arbutin solution during tests yields a faster lightening rate and an even lighter skin tone compared to other products. The substance basically blocks the epidermal melanin biosynthesis of the body, resulting to a lighter-toned skin.

Nowadays, you can find many commercial goods with Alpha Arbutin as an ingredient, all of which aim to do more than just lighten the skin. They can also lessen skin impurities like erythema and age spots. The product line includes serums, lotions, and creams, body-bleaching formulas, body lotions, and other products that can reduce impurities while whitening the skin.

Safer than other products

The Alpha-Arbutin compound’s compatibility with other lightening products and their ingredients is no issue, although scientifically speaking, there is really no use combining products that yield the same result at the same time. Some substances in fact, may only cause absorption problems when used together.

Compared to hydroquinone, Alpha – Arbutin does not pose any danger to your skin because of how it works: It does not kill the cells that are responsible for producing melanin. This benefit makes it safer to use. It is definitely a better alternative to hydroquinone, which is already banned in some European and South African countries due to its potentially long-term and lethal effects.

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