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All You Should Know Regarding Skin Whitening

There are a number of different methods that can be used for skin whitening. It is important to be aware of all these different techniques if you are thinking of having this done. Some of these methods come in the form of creams or surgery.

Skin whitening is undertaken by people for a vast number of reasons. There are many people who have areas of skin which contain a high level of pigmentation than the surrounding skin and they may consider this. Additionally others who have pigmentation disorders may also consider this. Pigmentation disorders will cause the skin to create pigment too little or too much.

There are many dermatologists who have deemed that using a topical treatment is better than using other methods. Additionally these treatments are also much cheaper than some of the other options. Topical hydroquinone will come in 2% concentration levels in most products. Another treatment using azelaic acid in a concentration of 15 to 20% is thought to be just as good as hydroquinone. Additionally this will have less risk of irritation as a side effect.

There are other alternatives to hydroquinone available. Arbutin is a substance that is extracted from the leaves of cranberry, blueberry, bearberry or mulberry. This substance is known to have melanin inhibiting qualities that make it ideal for this. However there are no set concentration levels at this time so no one is sure about the correct amount needed to lighten skin.

Many people use laser technology to get their skin lightened. However laser treatments can be very expensive to get. It should also be noted that when using this method that any results may not be consistent. There are also some who report that they have other problems after. In these cases it is people who have darker skin tones that seem to suffer from the problems more.

The use of liquid nitrogen to whiten the skin is an alternative to laser treatment. This procedure is known as cryosurgery. This method will kill skin cells in a controlled manner and cause the skin to regenerate. All the excess melanin will come to the surface of the skin and then peel away after a few days. People generally use this method when working in the genital area as laser treatments can cause scarring in this region. How efficient this method is will depend on how deep the pigment is.

Skin whitening is something that many people look to have done. There are a number of methods that you should be aware of.

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